Monday, December 29, 2008

happy birthday kayla!

Happy Birthday Kayla! I cannot believe that you are already four years old! You have been such a joy in my life. My best friend who is always there to give me a hug or make me laugh no matter how my day has gone.

McKayla has a love for all animals. Everyone who meets her is immediately taken over by her smile, personality and overall charm. She loves to dance and sing and is very good at making up little songs for whatever mood she may be in at the time. She is the best big sister to Teyton and showers him with her attention and love. Her favorite things to eat are Dinosaur Chicken Nuggets with corn and thanks to Corey she LOVES Dr. Pepper, haha. Her favorite places to go are the beach to hunt for sea shells and the arcade.

I love you so much McKayla and I can't wait to see what kind of adventures this next year will bring us!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

getting ready for christmas

Grandma and Grandpa Bastian were very nice and let Kayla make fun decorations for the Christmas tree and then Teyton helped her put them up.

Teyton and Kayla got so sick the first week that we were her. We had to make a couple trips to the doctors office, they caught one nasty virus that passed on to everyone in my family. It was not a very fun few days in the Bastian home. Kayla and Teyton got it the worst and Teyton is actually still getting over it. They were so miserable. Kayla was not happy that I wouldn't let her play out in the snow. I caught her standing by the window singing a song that she made up about how she couldn't play in the snow. It just broke my heart.

we're here

We are finally here in Utah! We arrived on Thursday the 18th of Dec. and things have been so crazy so I've been a little behind on posting. The day that we arrived is all a blur to me because I got little to no sleep on the plane ride. We had a red eye flight and thankfully both of the kids slept the entire time. Everyone who has watched our kids have commented on how well Kayla and Teyton sleep. There is one catch to that though....they don't liked to be touched at ALL while they sleep. So it was a little tricky for me on the plane. Kayla decided to sleep on the floor so I made her a little bed out of some pillows and blankets so that left Teyton the seat right next to me for him to sleep on. He likes to sleep sprawled out on his back so he kept kicking my legs away from him so I squished as far over as was physically possible. Then Kayla started kicking at my feet because they were too close to her so I had my feet in the isle. As you can imagine this was not very comfortable and for a good part of the fight I just decided to stand. I do have to say that I would gladly sacrifice my comfort for these two kids to sleep so that I didn't have to deal with them being up and cranky all night, haha. At least I was able to sleep when I got to my parents house. :)

When we arrived Kayla was sooo excited that there was so much snow everywhere. The first thing she did was put on her winter gear and played in the snow with Grandma Bastian and some of her uncles. She had a so much fun making snow angels, having snowball fights, and being pulled around on a sled! Teyton was a little cranky still and was unsure about all of these new people so he played inside with Grandpa who was the first to win Teyton's heart. It is very easy to love Grandpa. He kind of looks big and scary at first but once Teyton got to playing with him he saw how fun he really is.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


So I don't have any pictures to show this because my camera broke half way through Kayla's party and I won't be able to get it fixed until I am in Utah because apparently here in Hawaii we have to ship the camera to the mainland to get it fixed. So I figure it will take less time if I just take it to the Best Buy in Utah to be fixed.

Anywho, Teyton has been such a little ladies man lately. Any time he sees a little baby girl he does everything in his power to get to her. He actually gets quite forceful and it kind of scares me because he can be really rough. But when he finally gets to the baby girl of choice he is just so gentle and coos and gives lots and lots and LOTS of kisses and hugs. I think that he attacked just about every little girl in our ward on Sunday.

He has also learned how to blow kisses. It is just so cute. His favorite time to do it is after I lay him down for bed or a nap. He will say "ni ni" and then blow me a kiss and then he will giggle at himself, haha. He just thinks that it is the neatest thing to do.

Monday, December 15, 2008

kayla's pre-b-day party

McKayla had so much fun for her Pre-Birthday party. I had promised her when we moved here that she could have a friend birthday party this year. So we sent out the invites not expecting to get too many RSVPs because it had been really bad weather that week and the holidays are just around the corner. We ended up having 8 kids that RSVPed and 17 kids that showed up to the party....yikes! I was not prepared for so many little 4 and 5 year olds running around. I would've rented a building and recruited some of my friends to help out. It turned out to be a lot of fun though and I did get a lot of help from the parents that came. We were able to take the party outside for the pinata but right after we were finished, the rain started up again and was going all the way up into our car port, haha. I had a couple of fathers who helped me with the barbecue and right after the food was served they were out of there. :) I'll admit that it was a bit of a mad house...but the whole point was for Kayla to have a good time and she had a riot! Teyton had a lot of fun too. At first he was a little overwhelmed with all of the people that were in our house, but after he saw all the kids playing with toys he was in heaven! First we played pin the tail on the donkey then ate lunch and did presents. After presents we went outside to break the pinata and as you can see in the picture Kayla was giving it her all to break that thing, lol! I let her have a couple extra swings since it was her special day. It took for ever for that thing to break, we had to help it along. After the head came off and still no candy fell we just ripped it apart. After that we went inside to sing Happy Birthday and eat the cake. Kayla was so sweet and told everyone thank you for coming and made sure to tell everyone Happy Birthday when they left, haha. I love that little girl so much.


The past few days here have been sooo rainy! Not just your everyday bad weather but seriously some hard rain. A few days ago I was pretty much stuck in my housing area because there was so much flooding going on. The street that leads up to our gate was covered in at least 2 feet of water. A lot of places were shut down because of the rain and even into the next day because the buildings were flooded. I don't have any good pics to show how much rain there really was because our house has pretty good drains right in our back yard. Kayla looked out the window and saw the drain out back and said, "look mommy a waterfall!" haha. A guy in our ward said that he left for work early in the morning to try and go to work but was unsuccessful because traffic was either being stopped or redirected so when he turned around to go home he couldn't get back to his house because the road to his house was blocked off. There were a lot of stranded people that day.

fire safety

Kayla's class had a fire safety week and they were able to take a field trip to the local fire station. McKayla LOVED it! She is now always talking about what she learned and I am amazed at how much she remembers. We were walking by the station house a couple days later and she just had so much to tell me about why we have fire stations and fire men, what everything does, and what we need to do if there is a fire or if we are in trouble. It was so cute! She is such a little sponge.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

santa at school

Today when I dropped Kayla off at school we saw that Santa had come to visit the school. I had to run home and grab my camera so I could get some pictures Lucky for me we live just down the street. Kayla was so funny she would not let Santa out of her sight. He gave all the kids a fun little coloring/activity book. I even got a chance to snap a picture of Teyton in his lap. I caught him right before he started to cry, but as you can see he didn't want anything to do with Santa. Maybe next year he will warm up to Santa when he understands who he is and what he does.

car wash

Yesterday Kayla and her friends helped me wash our van. They had a lot of fun and I have to say that I have never heard a bunch of kids arguing about helping out with chore so much, haha. It was really nice to have so many helping hands. After we were finished and I was drying off the van I glanced over and the girls were playing in the dirty gutter water, yuk! Oh well at least they had fun. We had to give her a really good bath before bed, she was sooo dirty.

always smiling

This little guy is always happy. Even when he has just woken up he has a big smile on his face. I love, love, LOVE my little man!

dance recital

Kayla finally had her dance recital that she has been looking forward to. She was so cute up there dancing like such a little princess. For the most part she kind of did her own little dance. But she was still so cute. While we were waiting for her turn we watched all of the other performances and there was a bunch of kids that were singing solo's. Kayla kept asking when it would be her turn to go up there and sing. :) I guess that we should try and find a singing group for her in the summer.

After the recital was over we changed her out of her costume and let her do all of the fun activities that were going on. She made a beautiful Christmas picture for her daddy and a little gingerbread house for herself to eat at home. It was so fun to watch her put everything together it was like she was in her own little world. Then she played for awhile in one of the bounce houses. We tried to find Santa for her to see again, but we weren't successful. We did however find the Christmas Frog, haha. Kayla thought that was pretty neat so she talked to him for a little while. Teyton was at home being babysat because all of this was right during his nap time and I wanted to make sure that I got her dancing on tape and be able to take lots of pictures for Corey.

Monday, December 8, 2008

decorating with friends

We were at a friends house the other night. Kayla's friend McKale wanted her to help him decorate their Christmas tree. They are so cute together and apparently he is her new "boyfriend". We're going to have to keep a close eye on these two. ;) I guess that there has been some kissing going on during primary, haha. She is starting early...good thing Corey isn't here to see it!


The other day we went to the library to go see Santa. While we were waiting Kayla and Teyton had lots of fun doing some Christmas coloring pages. After they were finished coloring Kayla watched a movie that was playing for the kids, and Teyton had fun walking around exploring the library.

Kayla could hardly contain herself when it was her turn to sit with Santa. She was very specific with what she wanted for Christmas. She asked for a pink My Little Pony with wings and diamond sparkles on the legs. I guess that Santa has his work cut out for him this year haha. Teyton sat in Santa's lap for a little bit and was checking him out but when he saw me back away to take a picture he freaked. So our little camera girl Kayla took a picture of Teyton, me and Santa. When we were talking to him I have to admit that Santa looked very familiar. And it seemed that he thought the same thing because he asked us if we had come by earlier, and then switched back into Santa mode when I said no and said it must have been last year when we talked to him. :) The next day was my Weight Watchers meeting and it seems that Santa is in my group. I don't know what we will do with a skinny Santa next year, haha.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


These two just love singing! And once I pulled out Kayla's Hannah Montana microphone (it is suppose to go with her costume for next halloween) for them to play with they just got more and more dramatic, haha.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

car trouble

It seems that since Corey left everything that can go wrong has and I'm sure that more bad luck is one the way...but on the positive side it has really helped me grow in the long run. I guess that sometime bad things have to happen to gain experience right? Haha, I guess that I'm in need of a lot of experience!

The other day I was out to pick up a phone and a couple of other items that should've only taken me 30 minute to finish. When we went to the car and I loaded the kids and everything else in, I went to start the car and it wouldn't start at all...not even a little turn. So I grabbed some random guy in the parking lot and asked if he could help me out. Well he didn't have a car to jump me but he looked under the hood to make sure that it was my battery that needed the help. When he looked under the hood the little metal thing that connects the battery to the tubing, haha you can tell by just reading this that I have no idea what I am talking about. Anyway it was super corroded. So I called my roadside assistance because I didn't want to wait around to try and find someone else to help me out (I was parked way in the back of the parking lot to avoid all of the Christmas shoppers).

So as I was waiting for the roadside assistance people to call me back and let me know if someone would be able to come and help me out (because I was on a military instillation and she wasn't sure if she could find anyone who could go on base) I looked over and realized that one of my friends in the ward was parked right next to me. So I asked her if she could give me a jump. Well as we were cleaning the gross stuff off of the battery we saw that it was completely snapped in half! Finally after a couple hours of waiting, the people came to try and fix my car. After they fiddled with it for about another hour or so there was no result. Well luckily my friend knew more about cars than I do and she not only offered to keep my kids her her nice air conditioned car during this long process but also to go and get the part so we could fix it. While she was gone some other random guy came and helped to jump start my van (I wanted it jumped just in case Kellie wasn't able to find the part that I needed) luckily he knew what he was doing because he was a mechanic. So he told me what I needed to do and continue to do so this doesn't happen again. I guess that this is a normal thing to happen with the lovely humidity here.

When Kelly came back with the part we cleaned everything off as well as we could with what we had and tried to fix it, but we just didn't have enough muscle to get the bolt to budge. So she had to jump start me again. Kellie took my kids home with her so they could nap, and I headed off to Checker to see if they could help me out. By this time it was too late to go to the Dodge Dealership to have them fix it for me. The whole way there I was just praying that I would be able to make it to the store in one piece and that someone would be able to help me out. Well I talked to the guy at the counter and he said that they weren't allowed to touch the vehicle because of all the sue happy people in America but he could let me borrow the tools needed to fix it. Lol that's a good one I was thinking. If I tried to touch it I would most definitely make it much worse! So as I was panicking I turned and noticed that Oliver (another friend from church) was standing at the counter. Thank heavens is what I was thinking so I asked him if he could help me out. Well he did, and did a wonderful job! After all was said and done it took about 6 hours to get my car fixed and thankfully the parts only cost like $5! I was very blessed that day with a lot of help from friends who seemed to be in the right place at the right time.

our thanksgiving

We had a lot of fun on Thanksgiving Day eating over at the Gibsons. The dinner was so yummy! I think that I was full until dinner the next day, haha. Kayla and Teyton always have a blast whenever we are over there hanging out and are very sad when it is time to leave. Kayla usually cries because her friends aren't coming home with us to play some more, haha. Kayla said that her favorite part of the day was coloring turkey hands and reading the princess story. Teyton really like the fake fruit under the coffee table, but I'm sure that his very favorite part was hands down playing with Calvin. He was so funny to watch. I think that they did a good job at entertaining each other. Teyton could've thrown the ball for the dog all night long if I would've let him. Here is a little clip of Teyton and Calvin playing with the ball.


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

playing hooky

Kayla has been having a really hard time the past week or so with her Daddy being gone. She is having major separation anxiety and is soooo clingy to me lately. I really don't mind it and I completely understand why...I just feel so bad that there is nothing I can do to make her not miss Daddy anymore. She normally just LOVES going to both Primary and Preschool but lately she just cries and cries when it is time to go and wants me to sit with her and has to at least give me dozen kisses and hugs before it is okay for me to go. And as the days have gone by it seems like it is just getting worse and worse. On Monday she had an accident at school which NEVER happens. This little girl is super good at going to the potty when she needs to go....except when daddy is gone for a long time. We actually went through this when he was at AIT and NTC. So when I picked her up and went to the car we had a little talk and when I asked if it was because she missed her Daddy, she just broke down in tears and said that we needed to bring him back home. I felt so bad and all I could do is comfort her and tell her that everything will be okay (while trying to include the lesson of not wetting her pants). Well the next day she would not let me leave her at school. So I told her that I would spend the day at school with her, but I needed to get a babysitter for Teyton first and also run to the Clinic to get my immunization record (they require that here to make sure that we have had our TB test) Well when I got there the computers were down so they couldn't print it off or even view my records. So I decided that since I already had a babysitter for Teyton I would just check Kayla out of school and we would have a fun Mommy Daughter day. She was so excited so I asked her what she wanted to do. She said that she wanted to see WALL-E, but since that isn't out anymore I told her that we could see a different movie. So she had decided on Bolt and as we were waiting for the ticket booth to open up we went to a store nearby to get her some candy to munch on. As we were coming back she saw the arcade that was next door and decided that she wanted to play there instead. So she had lots of fun riding the merry-go-round and playing the games and won some cute little prizes (everything that she picked out had to be pink) and then we went to get some food and finished our day off by eating pie at Ted's Bakery (they make the best pies on the island!), she wanted the strawberry guava and I got the chocolate haupia. She was so happy and exhausted by the end of our morning that she past out on the car ride home. And I am happy to say that today when I dropped her off at school we had zero problems. I guess that we will have to make our girls day regular thing. It may not make her miss her daddy any less, but it will help her take her mind off of it. I also made sure to put up a picture in her room of her hugging Corey right where she can see it everyday when she get ready for the day and for bedtime. She was very excited about that when she came home from school today.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

new style

So I know that I have been telling everyone that I have been waiting to cut my hair off until the winter is over so I don't freeze to death in Utah. And I was really planing on it. But today I just couldn't take it anymore. I have been getting so many headaches lately because my head is so heavy with all of my long thick hair so I was just going to thin it out and add some layers to lighten it a little. Well for the past week now I have had both Teyton and Kayla pulling my hair constantly. Neither one of them are trying to hurt me. Kayla is just trying to be like mommy fixing my hair and Teyton loves to run his little fingers through it but it seems that they are getting rougher and rougher with my head as the days go by, haha. And today I just snapped after they were taking turns pulling my braids and whipping them I chopped it all off. I did save my hair to donate it to Locks of Love though. The total amount I chopped off is 14"! Can you believe that my hair was that long! I actually didn't know that until just now when I measured it, haha. I know that Corey is probably mad that I didn't cut if off while he was still here. He has been bugging me for awhile about cutting my hair like it was on our wedding day, but like I said I had been planning on leaving it long until the spring. Oh well, sorry Corey.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


So I thought that I would let you all in on how I make my pages for this blog. I have told some of you, but not all. So the main program that I use is the Scrapbook Factory Deluxe which you can buy online or at most computer stores for around $40. On top of that I go to some sites online that have very cute free downloads of paper, ribbon, other embellishment, lettering and even fonts. You will need some sort of a program to be ablr to put them together. I actually just discovered a site today that will give you a free download of their scrap booking program already loaded with all sorts of good stuff (they also give you an option to have them mail you a CD for backup purposes which is free also, you just have to pay for shipping and handling). It is and they have tons of cute things. I don't personally love the pages that they have pre-made, but I really like the papers and embellishment individually. The other site that I LOVE (it is probably my favorite) is they also have a tons of free downloads and I really like the fact that they also have free tutorials for Photoshop (if you have that program). They also offer pages and embellishments that you can purchase at extremely affordable prices and they will download to your computer right away. You can also google free digital scrap booking to see if there are any other sites that you prefer, but you have to be careful. Some of these sites aren't really free, you have to pay an annual fee or commit to something, which you may not mind...but just in case. But these two sites that I listed are totally free (other than what I mentioned about the above).

I hope that this helps everyone out and if you need help figuring anything out you can give me a call or email me and I can help you. This is one of the things that I can actually figure out when it comes to computers, haha. It does take time to put the pages together just like regular scrap booking does...unless you download the pre-made pages and then just click and paste the photos that you want on. Here is a sample of the kind of things you can get on these sites. I just downloaded the pieces onto my computer and there you go. This is a combination of things I have downloaded from both of the sites that I listed.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

so cute!


Kayla and Teyton just LOVE music! It has been sooo rainy outside lately, so the kids haven't been able to play outside as much as they would like to. Instead we have been doing lots of puzzles, games, coloring and watching movies together and having so much fun while doing it. The kids have been on a musical kick lately, High School Musical, Hairspray, Sound of Music, Fiddler of the Roof, etc. basically as long as there is singing and dancing Kayla can't get enough of it. And Teyton just loves it too! They both go crazy laughing, singing, and dancing along. The first one is of Teyton dancing to Hairspray, he was going really crazy at first waving his hands around and bouncing....then he saw the camera come out, haha. The other two are Kayla and Teyton dancing to High School Musical.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

outside fun

The bottom pic we have McKayla, Mimi, Kat and Hannah. Kaylin was here for a little bit, but had to leave before I could get her in a group shot. These girls are always running around together.

Today we had a lot of fun playing outside with the neighbor kids. I love it when they come over because we always have the most beautiful artwork on our driveway by the end of the day. I actually brought the camera out so I could take pics of them drawing, but when the girls saw me they wanted to do a photo shoot. So I let them pose however they wanted to and we all had a blast. They are such good kids and Teyton just loves playing with them. The girls just adore him too. It is so funny to watch because where ever Teyton goes he always has a line of girls following him around. He has a lot of fans around here, haha!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

a new pet

Kayla has been wanting an animal so badly since we moved here. We did have a cute little lop eared bunny for a few months (Honi- it is Hawaiian for kiss because she loved to kiss our noses). We had a big problem with a lot of the neighbor kids sneaking to play with her while we were gone. Her house was outside so our house wouldn't stink of bunny droppings. But she spent most of her days in the house hopping around. We just loved her. Anyway, we came home one day from a trip to Honolulu and found that she had died, we aren't sure but we think that the kids mauled her. We were all devastated. I hadn't wanted to get another little animal until I knew that they would be safe and now that all the bad neighbor kids have moved away we are getting too close to our trip to Utah for me to want to get an animal and leave them. Hawaii has really strict laws on animals coming on the island otherwise I would just bring it along for the trip.

So for the longest time Kayla has had a fascination with fish and going to the aquarium has just made her want to have one more. I was thinking that a fish wouldn't be bad at all because they don't know the difference of who is taking care of them anyway. So the night that Corey left I was asking Kayla what kind of a fish she had in mind. She said that she wanted a blue and pink fish. So we talked about it and what kinds of things she wanted to put inside the fish bowl she said that she wanted rainbow colored rocks. Well the next morning we had a little knock on the door. One of Kayla's friends came over to ask if we wanted her fish. I asked if her Mommy knew that she was trying to give away her fishy. A couple of minutes later Kaylin and her Mom were over with a fish bowl in their hands. They are getting ready to PCS (military for change of station) and are downsizing their items. Kayla was so excited because it was a blue and red Beta fish and it had a big rainbow rock in the fish bowl for the fishy to sleep in and lots of little rainbow colored rocks at the bottom of the bowl. I thought that was pretty lucky for us, we got the fish that Kayla wanted and didn't have to pay for it, haha. That is one of the benefits of military. Because everyone moves so much it is easy to find things for free or dirt cheap because we have limited amount of weight that we can bring with us. Kayla has been so excited and talks to her new fish everyday and is really good at feeding her. Oh, I should tell you that she decided that it was a girl and her name is Blueis. She is so creative with her names.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

that's it i'm getting myself a bat!

Things just keep getting better and better with Corey gone for his deployment. Today something really scary happened to me and after talking to my two wonderful parents all morning I am going to take the advice that my Dad gave me and I will use this experience to grow from and not dwell on it. But the catch is that for me to not dwell on it I have to empty my mind so I am emptying it here since this is my journal.

Early this morning (about 2:30 in the am) I woke up to a shuffling noise, I will thank my Heavenly Father everyday for the blessing that he has given me as being an extremely light sleeper. When I looked up I saw a man standing in my doorway looking at me. At first I thought that I was dreaming because at first glance it looked like Corey before he shaved his head bald. But unfortunately it was not a dream. I shot up from my bed and I have to thank my Heavenly Father again that once he saw this he quickly turn around and headed back down the stairs. I was really being watched over. I got up and followed him down the stairs (not quickly mind you)I could've caught up to him if I really wanted to. He left out the sliding door and I quickly locked it afterwards. It was the one door that I forgot to lock up. I am usually really good at locking the doors and closing all of the window but we don't normally use the back door, and I never locked it after Kayla snuck out of the house the other day. So that was a lesson learned, lock the doors and double check them...all of them! After I checked on the kids to make sure that they were okay, I went back down the stairs to get to the phone to call the Military Police and while I waited for them to come I checked to make sure nothing was missing. I was shocked that nothing was gone because everything of value was in plain sight. My purse was on the table the camera was on the desk, and the computer is right there when he would've walked in. But nothing had moved at all thank goodness.

So after the MP's arrived at my house they search the house and yard to make sure that everything was okay and questioned me and got my statement and all of Corey's work info. Then they left for awhile so they could drive around the neighborhood, came back and asked me more questions, had me sign more papers and left again and came back a third time to check the house and area one last time and asked me again if there is anything else that I could tell them. This kind of thing has never happened before on this post (lucky me). Military bases are generally a very safe place to live and I kind of take for granted that not everyone in the military is honest. I mean there are plenty of people who join the Army who are convicts because they are basically given the choice to serve there time in jail or in the military, haha. That is just funny to me. It is actually a really good program because a lot of times they really end up cleaning themselves up.

I just kind of wonder if this is all a coincidence that this happened shortly after Corey left. I'd drive myself crazy if I tried to think of what his motives were. I was debating on whether or not to come home earlier, but there are still some loose end that need to be tied up before I go. And Kayla would really be disappointed if she missed her dance recital, so I will stay for now. Although I will start all of the paperwork needed for me to leave on Monday just in case. I guess this has just made me realize that now I am in this "single mom" stage in my life, I am the one that needs to protect my two babies now.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

picture time

Kayla's dance recital is coming up fast and it was finally time to take the picture for them. Her costume was one of the one's that I made. It was so crazy there! Imagine about 70 girl's age's 2-6 trying to wait for there turn to take a group and individual pictures. Then add all of the parents and siblings on top of that. And those crazy parents (like myself) who take pictures of pictures being taken, haha. Teyton was not a happy man at all. When I was getting Kayla ready he kept trying to escape to play with the toilet water. And when I tried to put him in a sink to fix Kayla's hair he kept turning on the faucet and got all wet. Thankfully there was a really nice lady who held him for me so I could finish putting on Kayla's costume. Teyton was even more upset when it was time to wait in line for the pictures because I wouldn't let him run around. It was already distracting enough for all the kids getting their pictures taken, I didn't want to add him into the mix. He is fascinated with camera's and that was where he was headed for. Kayla did a wonderful job and because she held so still and posed so well we were one of the first that was able to leave the mad house. Thank goodness for that! I was getting so claustrophobic!

I took a shot of one of the girls who was wearing the other outfit that I helped make.

fun with friends

Kayla and Teyton just love playing outside with friends. Yesterday they were out drawing a race track down the driveway so they could mark who could go the fastest and furthest sitting on a skateboard. They were having so much fun and it just reminded of me doing the same thing with my brothers and friends when I was little. I didn't get pics of them going down the driveway because I had to be alert at all times because they weren't very skilled at aiming down the driveway and we had a couple of little bodies get taken out along the way. And others that weren't able to stop themselves all the way and I didn't want them to run into a parked car in the parking lot, haha. Luckily everyone had tons of fun and no one got hurt. One of the parents wasn't too happy that I was allowing them to race on skateboards though. I felt bad, but I don't believe in not letting your kids have fun because there is a possibility of someone getting hurt...especially if there is parental supervision. I mean kids will get hurt no matter what they do. Even just running outside they can trip and skin their knees.

Later that day Kayla tried to sneak outside...and succeeded, after I told her that she couldn't play at that moment, she needed to clean up her toys first. The front door was shut with a child lock on, but she escaped out the sliding door in back and very quietly shut it behind her, haha. She was quick too. So I brought her back inside with tears rolling down her face and put her in time out. While she was there I went to lay Teyton down for his nap. When I came down stairs I heard her talking to herself. I stopped to listen and she was narrating how she thought that the situation should've gone between the two of us.

Kayla: I want to play outside mommy
"mommy": no go to time out!
Kayla: but I want to play with my friends
"mommy": you need to go inside and clean up the toys Kayla, go in the house now
Kayla: whaaaa whaaaa!
"mommy": do you need a swat?
Kayla: no, whaaa whaaa!
Kayla: I'm so sorry Mommy, I will listen and clean up my toys
"mommy": okay Kayla you can play now, I love you.
Kayla: oh thank you Mommy!
Kayla: see I not so anything wrong I am a good girl

It was so funny to listen to, she has quite the imagination to think that all up. She actually sounded really irritated about the whole situation. I think that she would've gone on longer because she stopped in mid sentence after I let out a little giggle. I love her so much and she is a very good girl!

yahoo messenger

Okay, I'm sorry if no one thinks that this is funny, but I want to post it anyway for journaling purposes.

Corey and I were chatting on the internet...well trying to chat. And right now his internet connection isn't the best. He has a temporary connection while he is in-processing. It is so frustrating! We are rarely able to talk or see each other through the web cam because his internet can't handle it at this point in time. So it makes it really difficult to understand one another. Even just IMing is slow which makes things difficult. Which can be frustrating if you are trying to talk about something important. Okay, so I was kind of messing with his head, which probably didn't help things out. He is just too easy to mess around with. :) This is a clip of our conversation.

ps Don't worry about anything Corey, I'll take care of the foot locker situation.

sweetieabbott:where are you?
pogi: what are you talking about
pogi: I'm losing my mind
sweetieabbott: lol, I just want to see how many messages you are getting from me
sweetieabbott: I'm convinced that I am only getting half of yours
pogi: I know what you mean.
sweetieabbott: lol I love you
pogi: I'm sorry baby that this isn't working as smoothly as planned
sweetieabbott: your not in a joking mood are you
pogi: I'm actually in good mood just to read what you have to say.
pogi: I'm just worried that you're not getting the important info
sweetieabbott: did you get to read my other email that i sent to you?
pogi: no
pogi: i don't dare
pogi: it seems that every second i spend on the internet
pogi: is a gift from the network gods
sweetieabbott: I need to talk to the network gods
sweetieabbott: they aren't doing a very good job
pogi: (exhausted sigh)
pogi: I wish i could just snuggle into you and forget all this networking crap
sweetieabbott: me too
pogi: any new pictures of the kids
sweetieabbott: yes
sweetieabbott: I'll make a post tomorrow
sweetieabbott: Tell me if this is stupid. I want to send you a pillow case with my perfume on it
pogi: I would love a pillow case
sweetieabbott: good because I already bought one for you
pogi: do you have a good address to send it to
sweetieabbott: I will put in in your foot locker in a zip lock bag to keep the smell in
sweetieabbott: is that okay?
pogi: If you could somehow get it into Kelly's footlocker
sweetieabbott: lol I just realized I still had my head set on, I took it off and now my ears are cold
sweetieabbott: why Kelly's?
pogi: take out baby wipes and whatever other hygiene items seem to weigh things down
sweetieabbott: they won't take it because it is about 76 lbs, they only take up to 70 lbs
pogi: you'll have to cut the lock somehow
sweetieabbott: Kelly's is too heavy, not yours
sweetieabbott: yours is just fine
sweetieabbott: His foot locker isn't locked
pogi: I get that but in order to send Kelly's you'll need to "break" into it
sweetieabbott: he kept it open for the inspection
pogi: GOOD. that's a surprise to him
pogi: any way
pogi: take out toiletries to lighten it
sweetieabbott: his?
sweetieabbott: I am so confused
pogi: YES
sweetieabbott: LOL
pogi: Take crap out of Kelly's to lighten it
sweetieabbott: LOL okay baby I read you loud and clear
pogi: take stuff out of Kelly's footlocker to lighten it
pogi: lighten Kelly's footlocker
sweetieabbott: got it
pogi: except for the pillow case
sweetieabbott: why am I getting into your foot locker?
pogi: stop making fun of me grrrrrrr
sweetieabbott: are you talking about the pillow case that I am sending you?
sweetieabbott: LOL you are making me laugh too hard
sweetieabbott: why does the pillow case need to go into his foot locker?????
sweetieabbott: I just re read this post and I think I understand now
sweetieabbott: lighten Kelly's and leave yours alone except for the pillowcase that I am sending you in your foot locker...right?
pogi: I thought that's what you said you were going to do
sweetieabbott:I thought that you wanted me to put the pillow case in his foot locker
pogi: frick I hate this thing

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

deployment time

Sorry that it has taken me awhile to post about all of the events that have been going on. This has been a very long week and it just doesn't seem real to me yet. And I guess that me writing about it makes things a little more real and final to me. We found out on the 4th of November that there was a possibility that Corey could deploy that coming Saturday. The original deployment date was the second week of December and it just kept getting bumped earlier and earlier. So I was really worried that he was for sure leaving on Saturday or even sooner, so I called the portrait studio right away to change our date since we were suppose to get them done on Saturday. It was super crazy but I love the pictures that we got. :) We ended up getting them done in two sessions because we had some tired and sick babies. It was still a lot of fun. Corey and I haven't had our pictures taken with just the two of us since we were married, so that was really nice.

I am just so impressed with Sears, Teyton was so cranky for the majority of the time and they still managed to get some really cute shots of him. And Kayla had the silly bug in her for our pictures and was goofing off the whole time which was fun, but I also wanted some nice pictures taken of her and luckily they were able to catch some of her calm moments. ;)

On the 5th of November we went to Corey's Pre-Deployment Ceremony. I was such a baby while I was watching, it was really neat though. What the Battalion does before deploying is they cover their flags in a case to protect their colors while they are away serving the country.

This was the longest day of my life! Corey didn't end up leaving on Saturday, he left on Monday the 10th. Corey had to report at the Company at 3:30 in the morning! Which in military time means 3:15 so Corey and I had to get up at 2:30 so we could get ready and double check to make sure that he didn't forget anything. We let the kids sleep until the last minute so they wouldn't be to cranky for the trip. They were actually really good, I didn't have any problems with them at all it was wonderful. There was suppose to be a Ceremony so we could say goodbye to our soldiers, but the kids and I weren't able to make it that long. We waited around until 5:00 in the morning and it still hadn't started. Kayla and Teyton were starting to get restless which I can't blame them at all they were such troopers being so good so early in the morning, so we said our goodbyes at the car. We miss him so much, but feel very blessed that we are in the "pampered" stage of this war. Corey set up web cameras for both of our computers so we have been able to talk to each other a lot and send video messages and whatnot. Where before we would only be able to conference with each other at designated times in certain areas. So I can't complain at all. We have gone three years without Corey having to deploy and we just missed the 15 month deployments thank goodness. We all have to pay our dues at some point in our lives and I couldn't be more proud of my husband for the sacrifices that he is so willing to make not only for his family, but for his country. I am one lucky girl!

birthday time!

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