Friday, August 29, 2008

a girl's best friend

I've been wanting to post about this for awhile now. Kayla has an imaginary friend that goes with her everywhere. I discovered him awhile ago when I over heard her arguing with someone and thought that she was picking on Teyton. So I went to go check it out. No one was there. I asked her what was the matter and she told me that Peter Pan wasn't playing nice, lol. Well since then Peter Pan goes everywhere with her and it is the cutest thing! She is always talking to him and sometimes he is small enough that she can stick him in her pocket.

We have Netflix and one of the more recent videos that Kayla picked out was Care Bears (I can't remember the name but it was the movie with the magician for those of you that are familiar with Care Bears). She loved that movie and watched it over and over again, I really thought that she would cry when I told her that we had to return it. Well the other day I was playing with Teyton while Kayla was napping, or so I thought. I heard some talking coming from the stairs and heard Kayla say, "I know Peter Pan, but we've got to try...Care Bear STARE!!!" She put her shoulders back and stuck out her little belly as she said it. Oh my gosh it was the cutest thing ever, and I only wish that I had my video camera out! This is one little girl with an amazing imagination!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

SICK!!!! EW, EW, EW, EW, GROSS!!!!

This has been a horrible morning! Corey could not come home any sooner!!! So I woke up really happy and excited for Corey coming home and went downstairs to get some breakfast for the kids and change Teyton's diaper. In the middle of changing his diaper Kayla said "Mommy look, a big bug! Ew, sick!" OH MY GOSH! It was the BIGGEST cockroach I have EVER seen!!! It was crawling across the wall towards us so I grabbed one of Corey's big shoes and took a swing at it. They are fast little suckers, it dropped down by Teyton's toys! so I ran upstairs to try and make myself look decent so I could ask my neighbor if he could help. He wasn't home, drat I had to take care of this myself. So I went back downstairs and barricaded the computer room and put the kids in there to eat their breakfast and play with some toys that I brought down from their rooms. I started by moving some of the big toys out of the way and realized that it probably crawled under the love seat.
So I carefully moved it in front of our couch. EW, EW, EW, EW, when I looked under where the love seat was, I only wish I saw that big old cockroach! There was something dead under the love seat!!! SICK!!! I have no idea what it is so I decided to called the housing office. No one was answering! Just my luck. So I called my Mom and forwarded her the picture of what ever it is to get her opinion on it. As we were talking I walked out into the hall and saw the cockroach on the front door! Just to give you an idea of how big it was It was longer than the boarder on the door, so that would be around 3 inches long and that isn't even including the antenna or it's legs. So I put down the phone and smacked it with a broom, several times while screaming. The neighbors probably thought that I was beating my kids because my Mom said that it sounded like McKayla screaming, haha. So I took a picture of it to show how big it was.
It still doesn't look as big as what it was. After I snapped the picture it started moving again! It was the bug that wouldn't die! So I put on one of Corey's big army boots and stomped on it. One problem down one to go. So I got off the phone with my Mom, thanks Mom for keeping me calm, and tried to call housing again. I had a huge run around only to find out that they were going to charge me to take care of this dead thing! So after talking to many people and yelling at others I am happy to say that the housing department is going to take care of this at no charge. :) They should too! It's not my fault that something died under my couch! They tried telling me that they fumigate before letting anyone live in the house and after that it is up to the residents to take care of any living thing bigger than an ant! I told them that If they go to all the trouble of fumigating the house and everything else they listed off that it must be a reoccurring problem so it in no way should fall under myself as the renter to take care of such problems and that just fumigating once is not enough. They should be held liable to fumigate twice a year if they have had rodent problems in the past! And if they won't take care of the problem then I will move into a different house. Well I guess that I will stop ranting. I am just glad that it is now being dealt with and I will soon find out what this mystery thing is....hopefully.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

baps time!

Kayla and Teyton have so much fun taking baps together. This is one word that I haven't tried to correct Kayla on because I think that it is such a cute nickname for bath time. Teyton loves to splash like crazy! I swear it is what he does the entire time! He has a grin from ear to ear the whole time and is really good at letting me scrub him down after having all his fun. I have to do it at the very end otherwise he slips and slides all over the tub because he is so squeaky clean. Kayla is really good at letting Teyton splash her, she likes getting crazy with him and gives him "baby" splashes which he loves. Her favorite part of bath time is pretending like she is a fish or a mermaid depending on her mood. She just sings and sings when her ears are underwater, she loves the way her voice sounds in the water.

big helper

Teyton loves to help with the dishes. He climbs up to see what is inside all by himself, which kind of makes me nervous I just have to keep a really close watch because he move so fast. He is especially good at taking out the dishes and throwing them on the floor. He loves it and just laughs afterwards when I bend over to pick it up. I just LOVE his laugh! He is such a tease and I love it! Afterwards he likes to sit in the sink while I wipe down the counters and plays in the running water. He is such a cutie and is turning out to be such a big helper!

just a bit of silliness

Kayla has been sooo excited that her daddy gets to come home soon. His group got bumped to a flight a day earlier so we will see him Wednesday evening!!!! She has been super silly and wanted to make crazy faces for the camera. She was having so much fun that she wanted me to make faces too. So she told me what to do and then snapped the pics. She is quite the little photographer! I didn't even really need to coach her, I just had to remind her every now and then not to put her finger in front of the lens. We had tons of fun and laughed lots at the silly pictures and all of the craziness that is McKayla, she is definitely her daddy's girl! It made the night go by so quickly and really tired Kayla out afterwards. I just wish that Teyton wasn't sleeping so that he could've had fun being crazy too.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

coming close!

Corey called today and told me that he finally has a date to come home! He will be home on Thursday, I am so excited! Although I knew this would happen, he is being sent home one day before the 31 day marker so we are getting jipped out of $250 because of one day! Oh well, I guess I am getting back something better than money. ;)

So I was joking on the phone today with Corey that I was going to get the kids to bed before 8:00 so I can have some time to myself. It has been one of those days when nothing goes right. Well because everything today seemed to be working against me today I thought that Kayla and Teyton would put up a fight going to bed earlier than normal. I've been letting them stay up later while Corey has been gone as a little treat, we watch a movie after we get ready for bed. Well Kayla wouldn't eat her dinner and pouted for about a half hour at the table so I told her that she could watch her movie early but that she wasn't getting anything else to eat. I fed Teyton and he was starting to act sleepy so I went upstairs to lay him down and he was asleep before I put him in his bed. So I went down to deal with Kayla, she was fast asleep on the coffee table! She must've been really tired to have fallen asleep on wood, haha! I brought her to her room and looked at the clock, it was only 7:30! I have been able to relax and unwind but now I don't know what to do with all of this free time.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


This little boy loves to get into EVERYTHING! This is the only area in our entire house that doesn't have a child lock so Kayla can get to her snacks by herself, and Teyton loves it! He normally likes to just look at everything and open and close the doors over and over again. But now I'm going to have to rearrange everything because he has figured out that cans are really fun to bang on! It is so cute, but I can see him dropping one on his little toes eventually which would not be so much fun. McKayla will be a little disappointed because she likes to hand me the cans when I need them to cook, she rarely grabs the right one, but she loves grabbing a variety and putting them on the counter for me. ;) We'll just have to get out her little step stool now so she can help out and keep Teyton safe.


Today we finally caught this little lizard that has been living in our house for about a week now. It has been startling us a lot lately because it is so quick! When I see it in the corner of my eye my first instinct is that it is one of those horrible spiders, but thank goodness it is only a cute little lizard that McKayla has named Robot. We saw it hiding in Kaylas ballet slippers so it was pretty easy to catch. McKayla was a little worried when its tail fell off and she made sure to bring it outside with us for the lizard to fix itself. I tried explaining why its tail fell off, but that is a little over a three year olds comprehension. It was really cute she looked at me with her nose turned up afterwards, lol. She had so much fun with her lizard and when it started to rain she grabbed her umbrella so that it wouldn't get wet and ran off to show her friends little Robot. She came home in tears because it jumped out of her hands into the grass and she couldn't find it anymore. :(

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

to daddy, from kayla

McKayla wanted to tell her Daddy something on here, so Corey I hope you will be able to see this. She picked out the picture to put on here for you also.

"Daddy I wuvs you so much! I miss you, I gotta getchu back home so we can pway. I gonna be a bellerina and dance dance dance so you can see me (while spinning around in circles). Den we can go to the beach and pway in the water and Teyton too. And and and and, ummmm (while tapping her head) oh I know um we walk and take a einsteins tweats and mulan basktit and pumpkin basktit and can I take a tweat Daddy ya? And I take a baps and brush my teef and all night you snuggle wif me k. I wuvs you Daddy, and I wike you too!"

It took her awhile to get her thoughts together and when she finished she said she needed to take a break haha, she loves you so much and asks everyday if we are going to get daddy in California.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

last day with nana

We miss you already!!!

Mom you are so beautiful!

Last look at the Laie Temple.

We had such a fun time having my Mom visit. The only thing that would've made it better is if she were able to stay longer! Although we kind of sent her home sick and injured, so she is probably a little relieved to be back to her safe and normal life. It is a bit of a war zone at my house, things just kind of happen around me (like the exploding casserole dish!).

McKayla misses her like crazy and wanted to talk to her Nana Bastian first thing when she woke up. The only thing that kept her from crying was realizing that when Nana goes home it means that her Daddy will be home soon. It is nice that she is able to understand those kinds of things. She is a tough little girl and handles being away from her Daddy a lot better than most military kids do. And Teyton is so easy going, I really don't think that anything can get to him as long as he is with someone that loves and dotes on him, and there is plenty of that to go around!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

polynesian cultural center

I think that this is just the cutest picture of Kayla. She is making her warrior face! LOL!!! She just loved all of the dancing and the "silly songs". I love the things that kids say and do!

Kayla and I made some fish out of grass leaves. She did hers all on her own, she wouldn't let anyone help her. It turned out so cute!

We love our tribal tattoos, this was one of Kaylas favorite things to do!

You probably can't tell but that is a whole roasted pig that they are carrying. It was really good! Although I probably wouldn't have been able to eat it if I were the one preparing it.

I missed this part but they showed how you climb up a coconut tree to pick the fruit, and how to start a fire just using sticks, very cool.

We had so much fun with Grandma at the Polynesian Cultural Center! It is too hard to put into words and the picture don't do any justice to how much fun we really had. The kids were so worn out that by the intermission of the show at the end of the day they were both passed out. Kayla was on Grandma and I had Teyton. Too bad because they missed the best part of the show, and both mine and my Mom's hands were tied so we didn't get to take any pictures of the last part. But Corey and I will be going again sometime before he deploys so I'll make up for it then.

We are actually bouncing back today for free to have more fun in the afternoon, we won't stay for quite as long today. Just long enough to catch everything we weren't able to do before, there is too much to do it's hard fit it all in one day. So I'll post more picture later of all of our activities.

here you go

By Corey's request I posted pictures of just me. There aren't many, and most of them I had to crop out the kids (I wasn't successful on all of them) but it is the best that I can do. They have all been taken in the last few days, I'm not talented enough to take pictures of myself, haha. It is so much easier to take and put together pictures of my beautiful family, I like being behind the camera :)!

I love you so much Corey, enjoy! :)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

nana's here!!!

We have just loved having my Mom here to visit for a short while. Kayla has had sooo much fun and I really think that when it is time for Nana to go back home she will want me to go instead, haha. They have been joined at the hip and it is so much fun to see. Teyton has taken right to her also and just loves to snuggle with his Nana. The first day and a half we just enjoyed playing games at home, Kayla had no interest in going anywhere she was just content to be with her Grandma, so I was able to run some much needed errands without the kiddos.

Today we went to the Dole Plantation and took the Train tour of the plantation and also toured their Botanical Garden which was just beautiful! Afterwards we shared some pineapple ice cream and shopped for some souvenir's. Mom got Kayla the cutest little Hula Girl doll and we also got to open an oyster and keep the pearl inside to eventually have set in a pendant. Kayla really liked that part and Teyton looked pretty interested when they opened the shell up. He is so curious to see how everything works.

So after all of the fun we had I cooked some dinner and somehow I made the biggest cooking disaster of my life! I put my glass casserole dish on top of the stove to cool down while I warmed up some veggies and I accidentally turned on the wrong burner, simple mistake right. Well it happened to be the burner that my casserole dish was on. I smelt something burning and thought that was weird because I was just boiling water. Well I saw my mistake and quickly turned off the burner and tried to move the casserole dish off. It was stuck! While I was trying to unstick it the smoke detector went off. It took me so long to turn it off for some reason and was really frustrating me because I was wanting to fix my burner. Well right as I got the darn smoke detector to stop beeping the glass casserole dish totally exploded! Glass went everywhere! I was then very thankful that the smoke detector went off and stayed on for so long because I could've gotten really hurt, what a blessing. This was the weirdest thing ever to happen to me and I hope that it never happens again!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

fun times

Kayla, Teyton and I have all been really busy this week. My Mom is coming today so I have been trying to unpack the last little bit that we had in our laundry room. I have been putting it off far to long and this was the nudge that I need to finish the job. You know how it is, those last few boxes are just the worst. But I feel so much better now that all of the clutter is out of that room. Kayla and Teyton had so much fun discovering all of their toys that they had forgotten about. It was like an early Christmas. Kayla started off with some of her dress up clothes and play makeup she is such a little diva. And Teyton had lots of fun crawling over everything and getting in McKayla's face, lol.

Corey is doing alright, and all of his training is staying on track so that he will be coming home on time and not have to stay some extra weeks or whatever they feel is necessary. Still I have learned through experience nothing is final with the military until they have actually left for the airport. It is one of the more frustrating things for me, I like to plan in advance and know what to expect. So this has been a good lesson for me in patience. I think that it is good that they sent the troops to a hot spot for their training so they can all get use to what the climate will be like in Iraq. He was a little sick the other day, but I think that it was mostly caused by his intolerance for heat. He likes it cold! In fact Corey told me that he shaved his head bald so he could keep cooler. I told him to enjoy it while it lasts because its not going to stay that way while he is home, haha!

Good news!!! Even though Corey will be in the heat of Iraq during his deployment, his company is being placed in one of the nicest locations further away from all of the dangerous posts. That makes me feel so much better about sending him away for so long.

Love you Corey! We miss you sooooo much!!! XOXO

birthday time!

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