Sunday, September 28, 2008

primary program

McKayla had her first experience with the Primary program and was so stinkin cute! Of course I am a little biased. She actually had two different parts and did really well even though she was chewing gum at the time, I won't name any names or point any fingers......(Lala). Just kidding, it actually made it a lot cuter in my opinion.

I think that she was getting a little nervous after sitting up in front of everyone so after awhile of fidgeting she got up like 10 times I swear with a different excuse, I need to go potty, I need a drink, I need to blow my nose, I need to throw my tissue That's my cutie! I blame Corey...he's an easy target, I hear that he could never hold still as a child so that must be it, haha. It was so much fun to see her up there with all of the primary kids, they all did a really good job. I can't wait for next years program!

Monday, September 22, 2008

weird child

I have been trying to ween Teyton and he has been having major withdrawals. One night I was so desperate to get him to fall asleep that I thought that I would slip him a binky which he has never really taken too and he started going at it for a few seconds then took it out and looked at it and just started least he had a sense of humor about it, but he wouldn't take it after he knew what it was. So we went downstairs to play for a bit so that he could wear himself out. I got out some blocks that he loves to play with and after he was starting to wind down he grabbed this yellow block and stuck it in his mouth. I thought that he was just doing what babies do because we all know that they stick EVERYTHING in their mouths, but he started to get heavy eyes and was just sitting in the middle of the room with this block in his mouth. He now takes this block with him everywhere and it is the only thing that he will suck on to self sooth. It is so funny! He'll just crawl around the house with this big yellow block in his mouth (and it can only be this specific yellow block) and he is just as happy as can be. But I found out the hard way that unless you want to hear him scream, don't take it away from him and don't try to give him a different block to suck on. He is so weird, but I'll take whatever works!


Everyone that gets to know McKayla just falls in love with her. About a week ago we had one of Corey's friends stay with us for a couple of days, it's a long story but he has been investigating the church and is getting baptised on Saturday and we are just so excited for him. Anyway, McKayla just loves him and was so excited when she found out that he was staying with us for awhile. She said "My Kelly going to live wif me?!" It was just too cute. Well she easily had him wrapped around her little finger and he bought her these pretty wild flowers with a little wooden butterfly stuck in it the bouquet. Flowers and butterflies are her two favorite things, she was in heaven! She still runs around the house playing with the little butterfly and uses it as a wand. Thanks again Kelly, we loved having you here!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

what was it?

So a lot of you have been asking me what we found out about the thing under our love seat and I have been avoiding telling you all because it is so embarrassing! Corey just thinks that it is hilarious and promised to keep it a secret for me...but we all know how he is about keeping a secret despite my threats ;), and he is horrible at his poker face, lol. So I figure that I will just get this over with before he blows my secret was a nectarine pit. Which explains the red color that resembles blood. In my defense I had cleaned out under the couches not two weeks before I discovered this nasty thing and I guess that because of the humidity and climate sped up the process of getting gross and growing hair. When Corey came home and looked at it he picked it up and felt it to look for any sign of what it might be and he said..."Um, it just a nectarine pit Bethany" and just started
laughing. Now I will admit that it is a funny story and I wouldn't have minded telling everyone earlier...I just felt stupid because I made such a big deal about it. So there you go it was just a nectarine pit mystery solved, lol.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

birthday party

We had so much fun for Teyton's birthday yesterday! Corey surprised us with a day off from work, so while Kayla was at school we had some time to give Teyton all of our attention. He loved it! I had lots of fun decorating the house for his special day. I know that I got a little carried away...but I love to celebrate birthdays! Teyton loves balloons so we had plenty all over the house and he couldn't get enough of them. Kayla loved helping me with the cake and the balloons, although when I was asking her for ideas she was naming what she wanted for her birthday, haha. It took awhile for her to start to accept that it was just Teyton's birthday. Teyton was very nice to share his day with her though. He let her open some of his presents and she blew out the candle for him. And she in return sang a beautiful birthday song for him and helped him figure out how his new toys worked. They are so cute playing together.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

happy birthday teyton!

I have loved every minute of watching you grow from such a tiny little baby to a big strong little one year old. I am so thankful that you are a part of our little family. You are so loving and are able to make all of our days a good one by your cuddles, hugs and kisses that you so freely give. You have always been a such a Mommy's boy and I love it! Your laugh is so contagious and your smile just melts my heart. I love you more than you know and I am so proud to be your Mommy. Happy Birthday Teyton.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

first day of school!

Yesterday was McKayla's first day of preschool. She has been asking to go to school forever and now she finally gets to. She is just loving it! Yesterday was just an orientation for Kayla so she was only at school from 8:00 to 10:00. I asked the teacher if she could stay the whole day (until 12:00) when I came to pick her up but she was said that it might be too much for her first day. (Kayla started late, most kids have been in school for about a month now) I can see where she is coming from...but I don't think her teacher understood how much she loves it there. I think Kayla is one of the few children who cry because she has to leave school. She loves to learn and she is such a social little girl. Today she was much more willing to come home she must've had her fill for the day. She was so cute telling me everything that she did. She made this cute bumble bee hat and wings and was "flying" around the house with them on. Then when we went to get the mail she informed me that today is Tuesday and tomorrow is Wednesday. I had to ask her what she said again because I thought that I maybe misheard her...nope. I was blown away! It is only her second day and she can already name all of the days of the week! I can't wait to see and hear what she learns about next. She is my smart little girl!

I hate bugs!

Okay, I cannot take this anymore. Their are too many huge disgusting bugs, and spiders around here and they all want to come inside my house! So today after I dropped McKayla off at school I was straightening up the house and at the end of the hallway by the rug was this long,
fat centipede! I think that it was sleeping because these suckers are normally really fast and when I screamed it didn't move...luckily. So I had to get on some heavy shoes to kill it. I didn't want my feet exposed because it really hurts when they bite I hear, and I don't really want to find out either. I'm just glad that it wasn't that hard to get rid of. Why does this always happen while Corey is gone or at work?!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

laundry time

Sorry guys this post is really about nothing, but I wanted to remember it because it makes me laugh.

If you know Corey you know that he likes to make people laugh. He is just quirky sometimes...well most of the time. ;) Well last night he was helping me switch loads of laundry and I was just really tired and not in the best mood because laundry is one of the only chores that I really dislike doing (I just don't like chores that are a never ending task). Well as he was moving the clothes from the washer to the dryer I hear him making a "shrue" noise in a little whisper. This went on a few times and I just looked at him smiling thinking that he was trying to make me laugh. Well he just kept making the same noise every time he threw something into the dryer over and over again. So I was starting to suspect that he didn't realize what he was I started to make the noise too while I was loading up the washer. After awhile I couldn't hold in a giggle and he looked at me and asked what's was so funny. So I made the noise for him and just started laughing. He tried to act like he knew what he was doing the whole time but knew that he didn't have a solid case. Lol, I love him so much and now whenever I am sick of laundry I will just have to think of him whispering "shrue" and I'm sure it will put a smile on my face. Thanks sweetie, you made my night!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

first steps!


Teyton has taken his first steps and he loves walking! He isn't able to fully walk everywhere yet. Right now he will only walk on carpeted areas when Corey or I are able to catch him when he loses his footing. But he is getting close to being an indepentent walker. It is so exciting to watch and see him reach these milestones, but it is also a little sad. He is growing up so quickly. I am so glad that Corey is home to see him learn how to walk because he missed out when McKayla took her first steps.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

first dance class!

McKayla had so much fun at her first dance class. We have been trying to get her into a class since we fist moved here. It is so hard to get a slot but we finally did it and it was well worth the wait. She was so excited that she could barely sleep the night before and woke up at the crack of dawn to get ready. Luckily her class started at 9:00 in the morning so she didn't have to wait around impatiently too long. To try to buy some time we asked her to pose for the camera and she was more than happy to help, she is such a ham!

We put her into a combination tap and ballet class and her instructor Miss Susan is just wonderful, very patient with the kids. It has to be hard for her dealing with about 12 3-4 year olds for a whole hour. Kayla was such a good listener the whole time and says that her favorite part of dance class is jumping and standing like a ballerina with her hands over her head.

family time

We love playing with our new toy! It's nice to finally have games that the whole family equally enjoys. Even Teyton gets into it. He loves watching everyone get silly and screams when we do. He doesn't know why he is screaming but he loves it!

Monday, September 1, 2008

an early christmas

I was planning on celebrating an early Christmas sometime in November before Corey deploys, but when I told him that I was wanting to get a Wii as one big family gift he said that he wanted to do it now so that he will be able to enjoy it for more than a few weeks before he needs to leave. I really didn't think about that, so I was more than happy to agree. So we went out that day and bought our new Wii. It has been so much fun! We all love it and McKayla is so funny when she does well. Her two favorite games are golf and bowling and it doesn't matter where either of the balls land, afterwards she will say "YES!" and then start dancing while chanting "Do a dance, do a dance, do a dance, do a dance!" LOL She gets it from Corey, they are such nerds together I love it! :)

he's here

Corey has finally come home. This month actually went by very quickly for myself. The kids were so excited to see their Daddy again. Teyton snuggled right up to him and is loving the rough and tough play that he gets from his Daddy now. Kayla won't let him out of her sight. She wants to do everything with him. I think that we have really worn him out. We are just spending a nice relaxing weekend at home. He was given a four day weekend since today is Labor Day.

I do have to say that although Teyton loves his Daddy so much he has not been so happy about the fact that some of my attention and affection has been directed towards Corey. Whenever he sees me sit next to, hug, kiss, or even talk to Corey for too long he is sure to crawl to me as fast as he can screaming MA MA MA MA MA MA! This is really different for me because it is the closest thing to throwing a fit that he has done in his short life. We just have to laugh though because it is so cute to watch.

While Corey was gone they worked all of those soldiers through the whole month without a day off. So until he leaves for his deployment he only has a four day work week instead of a five day! It will be so nice for us and especially him to have three day weekends to be able to unwind and relax.

birthday time!

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