Tuesday, October 28, 2008

third times a charm

Yesterday was McKayla's third Dentist appointment in one month. The first one was a complete disaster and she wouldn't even open her mouth. The second appointment I had to cancel because she was so sick, she was very happy that we didn't have to go to the dentist that day ;). Her third and last appointment was yesterday. I'm actually kinda glad that it worked out this way because I had the whole month to get her excited about going to the dentist again. We talked about it almost everyday and we played dentist with each other. I showed her how the dentist would count her teeth and brush her teeth with a special tickle tooth brush and then floss them. She had fun with that but I wasn't sure if it would help because we did this before her first appointment and I swear her mouth was like Fort Knox! Well she has had an obsession with everything barbie lately and we had rented her a movie called Barbie Fairytopia: Mariposa. She just loved it! I tried to bribe her before with a barbie, but it didn't work out so well. But I thought that I would try it again. So we got on the computer and looked at all of the different barbies. The one that she just loved was the pink Barbie Mariposa because it was like the one in the movie. I told Kayla that I would get it for her if she would listen to the dentist and let her count and clean her teeth when we went. So we went to the store and bought the barbie for her. I left it in the packaging and every time that Kayla would ask me if she could play with it I would tell her not until we go to the dentist. And then I would show her what the dentist was going to do. When it came down to the day she was just beaming and when I picked her up from school she announce to everyone in the most excited voice that she was going to the dentist. She not only let the dentist count and clean her teeth, she let them take x-rays and paint the fluoride on her teeth and spray it off with water. She wasn't too sure about the sucker thing, but she still let them use it. I am so proud of her!

Monday, October 27, 2008

prices at the pump

Even though gas prices have been going down the average price here in Hawaii is $3.55 and I have even seen somewhere that is still in the $3.70's! We have had to cut back on driving so much because prices at he pump have been killing us! It is so hard to do because we have been wanting to go around to the different beaches so Corey can enjoy them one last time before he is off to Iraq. And it is also hard not to go to the beach when the ocean is calling our names. :) These pictures are pretty much how we were feeling with how high the prices had been climbing to.

Thank goodness for Costco. Gas prices just keep falling lower and lower with them. Apparently a lot of people are getting memberships just for the low gas prices. Yesterday I had to make a pit stop for gas after taking Kayla to the dentist and I couldn't believe how low the price was....$2.69! I also can't believe that I would ever think that that is a good price for gas. ;) We waited in line for about 45 minutes just to fill up the tank. I couldn't believe how many people were actually trying to cut to the front of the line, and others that were honking their horns because apparently the lines weren't moving fast enough for them. I thought that that was pretty funny given that most people who shop at Costco have big families which means that they have big cars that hold a lot of gas in their tanks, so it's gonna take some time for everyone to fill 'em up. Costco had quite a few people working outside to give direction and keep order in the lines. People were getting a little crazy out there. ;)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

little ninja

Yesterday I was filling up the tub for Kayla and while I was getting her undressed in the bathroom I heard a splash. I looked over and Teyton had gotten into the tub by himself with his clothes on! He was happy as can be, he loves being in water. He is so quick, and moves so quietly! Now that he is walking it is even harder for me to keep tabs on him because he is everywhere!


I have had the hardest time with my tomato plants this year. I obviously have not inherited my parents green thumb, and I had all of the elements working against me. I started my vegetable garden back in May when we first moved in. My plants were doing pretty good in the beginning, but Kayla and her new friend thought that the little vegetables were too cute to leave alone so the first couple of harvests were plucked off before they could ripen. Not a big deal because they yield a lot of veggies from what I could remember. Well before I planted our garden there were a bunch of Elephant Ear plants that I had to clear out for my garden. My neighbor warned me that they are hard to get rid of and that you have to be very careful to remove ALL of the roots. So I thought that I was pretty thorough, but I started to notice a bunch of little elephant ears popping up all over the place. Well after a long struggle with them and most of my plants dying because of them I just gave up. I was going to just rip out all of the plants but Corey talked me out of it because he liked the smell of them. Well I guess what the problem was is I was trying to help them along, when apparently they didn't need my help at all. I went outside to clear the backyard for our Halloween party and noticed my little cherry tomato and big tomato plants had some yummy ripe tomatoes on them. I guess that if I want my veggie plants to not die I just shouldn't touch them, lol.

loves electronics

Teyton is just like his Daddy and loves trying to figure out how everything works. We already had to hide the DVD player because he figured out on his own how to open it, take out the DVD's and then close it. It was a favorite game of his for awhile. Now he loves to play with the computer keyboard. We caught him reading up on the latest news. :) We pulled out our old computer keyboard to play with and he loved it! He was getting so excited and was just banging it over and over again with a big grin on his face. He had never felt so much freedom lol, we usually stop him before he can cause any damage to anything.

we have a writer in the family

Every chance that Kayla gets she grabs her markers, pen, crayons, chalk, or colored pencils and starts writing stories, shopping lists, letters, or just "spells" her name over and over again. She is even starting to use new mediums, she is becoming and excellent emailer to the family. I really enjoy her reading me the stories after she is finished. She loves to write the fun scary stories the best, watch out Stephanie Meyer you have some major competition!


Teyton loves Elmo! His favorite thing to do is snuggle up with his big stuffed Elmo while he watches his Elmo movie. It really helps him to calm down for his nap time.

a new baby?

While we were going through our Halloween makeup Kayla saw an old binky that was left in the bucket. She immediately stuck it in her mouth and started crawling around the house acting like a baby. She was being so funny that we had to snap some pics. Well the binky didn't come out of her mouth for quite awhile and when I asked her to give it to me she refused. It was so hard for us to get her off of the binky I didn't want her to think that it was okay for her to keep sucking on it. So I told her if she wanted to use the binky then I was going to start treating her like a baby. She got the brightest eyes and said, "Like Teyton is a baby Mommy!?". I said yep just like that. She was starting to get pretty excited about this. So I told her that the first thing we need to do is put on a diaper because babies wear diapers. I don't think that she thought I was serious, so I went and got out one of Teyton's diapers and layed her down to "change her diaper". Once she realized I was serious she quickly gave me the binky back. She said she liked being a big girl and wearing big girl pants. Later on that day Corey was straightening up some things and saw the binky on the ground and put it in his mouth while he was picking up other things, he has always liked to chew on binky's when they are not in use I'm not sure why he just does. Well Kayla saw him and said, "Mommy, Daddy's being wike a baby you need to put a diaper on him." Lol, it was the cutest thing ever, she is too smart!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

singing the abc's


Kayla love singing all day long. Her favorits song right now is the abc's. She is getting really good at saying them. She almost gets every letter right.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

abbott's top halloween flicks

We love celebrating Halloween here at the Abbott house. I have been meaning to post some pics of our Halloween decorations But we have A LOT of little kids in our neighborhood who love to play with our fun toys, which we are fine with, we just didn't want them to break any of our Halloween decorations that are more for looking than touching. So right now we just have out our blow up Haunted House up and some ghosts that Kayla hung in our bushes. So in the meantime with the anticipation of Halloween at our house, we're going to share our favorite Halloween movies that we love to watch all through the month of October We had a hard time narrowing down the selection because there are so many fun Halloween movies, we are not the slasher horror film fans so I hope that you enjoy our selection.

Top Ten Kiddie Movies

10. The Witches
Entertaining film that pokes fun at the whole adage that kids always feel that somewhere some group is conspiring to eliminate them altogether, ie. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Fun for most kids but the scene with the kid morphing into a mouse even creeps me out a little bit.

9. Garfield's Halloween Adventure
Childhood favorite. "Candy, candy, candy, candy, candy, candy, candy, candy, candy, candy!" The mantra of all children all Halloween day before they actually get to go trick or treating.

8. The Adventure's of Ichabod and Mr. Toad
Classic story of The Legend Sleepy Hollow made into a children friendly story courtesy of Disney. Told in a narrative with the fun music Disney is famous for to tell this timeless tale.

7. Ernest Scared Stupid
This movie's 100% fun for kiddies. Won't be trying to sneak into your bed later that night. Know what I mean, Vern?

6. Beetlejuice
A little less appropriate for the bed wetter in the family but hey it's still hilarious. Maybe if I say Micheal Keaton, Micheal Keaton, Micheal Keaton it'll bring back his acting career...DAYO!

5. Ghostbusters
If only Bill Murray still made me laugh like he did in the eighties...sigh. Great movies for the kid in all of us. "He slimmed me!"

4. The Goonies
This movie defines an era. Group of kids that are always pegged for doing the worst of things when all they were trying to do was be kids while also trying to take care of adult responsibilities. And no one, I mean NO ONE can pull off "hey you guys!" like Sloth....I hope he's happy where ever he is.

3. Hocus Pocus
Individually I'm not a big fan of these women but leave it to Disney to make a good movie with this "kind"of talent and also remake a good song into an even gooder song. ;) Hocus Pocus gets a large amount of brownie points for making it great for the kiddies too. Think of it as "sex in the city" Halloween style and for kids...I guess it's not anything like that smut but you get where I was trying to go...right? ;)

2. Nightmare Before Christmas
Beautiful music, beautiful claymation, beautiful story all set in some of the most frightening scenery. I love you Tim Burton.

1. It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

If you need a review to convince you to watch this movie shame on your parents for raising you so poorly. ;) But in all seriousness this is the greatest children's Halloween movie of all time...too bad it is only a half hour long, sigh.

Top 20 Abbott Halloween Flicks

20. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Generally any Harry Potter movie will do, but this one is particularly werewolfy. The dementors will also take your breath away. ;) Sorry guys for that bad pun, it was all Corey, lol.

19. Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl
We picked this movie because of the pirates, the skeletons and overall darkness of the film it really adds up to a Halloweeny feel, and because you can never get enough of Orlando Bloom or Johnny Depp, yum!

18. Mummy Daddy
Such a funny, clever, clean, and scary Halloween film! I only wish it were longer. It is from the short lived television series Amazing Stories. This is a must see!

17. The Changeling
Again a clean thrilling horror film with a clever plot. Probably a prototype for other newer films that can't seem to reach the same potential on their own. Any movie that has a wicker wheelchair chasing after them will always freak me out!

16. 1408
We love thrillers that use psychological tactics, no need for the slasher, gory, blood and guts, CGI monsters/aliens (although these can make a fun film), or a large cast of the latest and greatest. It just simply uses your mind to scare the crap out of you. Too many story tellers, whether book authors or movie makers seem to have lost this art form.

15. Darkness Falls
Even though this movie did have a monster in it, the film maker chose to use it as little as possible to increase suspense during the movie. It is a good cuddle-up-with-your-hubby-so-he-can-protect-you-from-the-scary-TV, movie.

14. Edward Scissorhands
This is not a scary movie at all, it is actually more of a romance. It reminds us of the fun you can have on Halloween without being scared out of your mind.

13. Mothman Prophecies
Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that the mentioning of chapstick would freak me out sooo bad. Another great psychological thriller.

12. Fear of the Dark
Can you tell that the psychological thrillers are our favorite? Both Corey and I have had an innate fear of the dark. This movie played on all of our fears. Unfinished dark basements (they are just creepy!), partially opened closets, and long hallways when the lights are turned off. The ending did let us down a little, but it is still a very scary movie.

11. What Lies Beneath
"He was the perfect husband until his one mistake followed them home." Dead girl haunting your house, psycho killer husband, and scary bathtub scenes make for a great scary movie. The first time I watched this one I was so paranoid driving home. What was I thinking not bringing a date to this one!

10. The Addams Family (1991 film we just like this picture best)
Nothing like watching an eccentric, strange family go about their business to make you feel that your own family is more sane than you thought. Fun film

9. The Shining (1997 TV miniseries)
Couldn't find a picture that we liked to portray the film but this one's impossible to mistake soooo yeah, if you got six hours and want to be freaked out 90s style, pop this baby in.

8. The Others
Mmmkay didn't see that one coming. No really I'm serious. Why does everybody say they saw it coming. I know they're just lying to sound smart. For real, good plot twist... shut up I thought it was good.

7. Van Helsing
Gotta love the Universal flagship horror superstars. Didn't put Dracula, Frankenstein, or wolf man on this list cause those are given. Besides this is a three for one anyway. Corey loves the action and it's also fun to make fun of the bad script writing throughout the movie. We all like a cheap thrill once in a while anyway. Right?

6. Young Frankenstein
Funny, funny, funny. Favorite version of "Putin' on the Ritz". Good for a Halloween laugh.

5. The 'Burbs
What's more scary than creepy neighbors. Tom Hanks at his comedic best. The monologue at the end of the film is spectacular. A must see!

4. Disturbia
Again with the neighbor thing. You just feel vulnerable when you share backyards with scary shifty people. Believe us. We're in military housing. It don't get much scarier than that!

3. IT
This is the least scary picture we could find and I still think it's gonna bite me or something. Aside from neighbors, who hasn't been here? Caught off guard at that young, influential, kiddie stage by some jerk in a costume of something NOT HUMAN. I think we've all been there. Stephen King is a genius.

2. Sleepy Hallow
Tongue in cheek: yes. A little off of the original story: maybe. Crappy movie: heck no. Once again Jonny Depp everyone.

1. Arachnophobia
All that matters is that Bethany HATES all spiders indiscriminately. Let alone large droves of them on film. Bravo.

Whew...Hope we brought a little extra umph to your Halloween spirit. This was a joint effort of Corey and I. Thanks Corey for humoring me and spending HOURS of putting this all together.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

fun with the abbotts

We have been having so much fun while Corey's parents have been visiting...well I should say Corey, and Teyton have been having fun with them. Kayla has been so sick for the past week which is why I haven't posted anything in awhile. She was hit with everything at once. She had the flu with a high fever that started last Monday and didn't break until Friday and near the end of her fever she developed an ear infection and a sinus infection. Poor girl was so miserable and was even more sad to be missing out on all the fun with Grandma and Grandpa Abbott. So while they went out and did the tourist things I stayed at home with Kayla and tried to keep her mind off of how icky she felt. We played lots of games of Hi-Ho Cherry-O and Candy land, worked on a few puzzles. She got herself a little mani and pedi along with a massage. And we watched lots and lots of movies. It was so hard to watch her be so sick and miserable, but I'm glad that I was able to give her so much attention and one on one time while everyone else was out having fun.

The first thing that Corey took his parents to see was Pearl Harbor. They had a tour of the Arizona and Missouri Memorial. Then they went to Waimea Beach Park and sun bathed for awhile. On Saturday I was able to participate in the fun and we went to the Polynesian Cultural Center while a friend of mine watched Kayla. She was nice enough to offer because she felt bad that I was missing out on all of the fun, and I was okay with it because Kayla was starting to fell a little better and was no longer contagious. So that was a lot of fun, but I forgot to bring my camera so I don't have any pictures to show you guys yet, I need to upload the pics that Karen took. Sunday Kayla was much better and acting like herself, but we still took it easy on her so we took a nice drive around the Island and stopped to walk around the Temple grounds and made another stop to walk along the beach and took some pictures. Yesterday we were planing on a hike up to Waimea Valley to play in the Falls but it rained all day so we just spent a nice day inside playing games watching movies and visiting. Today Kayla went back to school she really wanted to go because she missed 6 days of school due to her sickness and Corey had to go back to work, so Karen and Bruce took the van and walked around Haleiwa and went to one of the beaches on the North Shore in the morning. Teyton has been really sleep deprived so I stayed at home with him so he could catch up on his sleep and I could catch up with my house work. So it has been a really eventful week. Karen and Bruce leave tomorrow night and we are so sad, the week went by too quickly. It has been so nice to have them around and I know that the kids have loved every minute of it.

Cafe Rio

I have missed Cafe Rio since I moved out of Utah. Whenever we are home to visit, Corey and I make sure that we go out to eat there at least once. If any of you haven't tried Cafe Rio you don't know what you are missing out on. Well I was browsing on the internet and found this recipe that is an exact match to their Pork Barbacoa Salad. I actually made it into a low fat version because I am doing weight watchers and it is AMAZING! I'm not sure how many points it is yet but I'll let those of you who are doing Weight Watchers know when I figure it out. It does take some time to make, but it is so worth it. Most of the cooking time is in the crock pot anyway. I actually halved this recipe and it still made a ton of food. So invite some people over when you make it.

Cafe Rio Pork Barbacoa

5-6 lb. pork roast

21 oz. Diet Dr. Pepper
1/2 cup Spenda blended brown sugar
1/3 cup Splenda blended white sugar
1 clove garlic, minced
7 oz. can chipotle chilies in adobo sauce
6-ish oz. red taco sauce
1 tsp dry mustard
1 tsp cumin
1/4 tsp cayenne pepper

*Place roast in crock-pot, cover half-way with water and cook on low for 12 hours. (I started my Pork Adventure at midnight and everything worked out perfectly for Sunday dinner at 6:00 pm.) After 12 hours, drain pork (retain liquid if you want sauce for burritos, simply mix with a can of verde enchilada sauce and away you go).

*Mix remaining ingredients until sugar dissolves. I didn’t keep the actual chilies, I dumped the can into a bowl and added enough Diet Dr. Pepper to get all the sauce off of the chilies, then I tossed them. I also rinsed out the can with Diet Dr. Pepper for more adobo goodness. My version had a fairly good kick to it, but if you LOVE hotness, then blend everything + 2 or 3 chilies in the blender. (Also, the adobo sauce tends to stain plastic, using a glass or metal mixing bowl will make your clean-up of adobo sauce considerably less frustrating).

*Add Diet Dr. Pepper mixture to the roast and cook on low an additional 4 hours.

*Take out roast and shred, add back into sauce and cook for 2 more hours. At this point the meat was so tender it practically shredded itself.

Cafe Rio Tomatillo Dressing

Do not skip this part, the dressing is my favorite part of the salad! Creamy and spicy and zesty, it is absolute heaven.

1 pkg. Fat Free Ranch dressing mix
3 tomatillos (remove papery skin), rough chop
1 cup fat free mayo
1 cup skim milk
1 cup (or more) cilantro, rough chop
3 cloves garlic
1/8 tsp cayenne pepper
2 tsp green Tabasco sauce
juice from 1 lime

Dump everything in a blender and blend until smooth. Refrigerate in air-tight container (or your entire fridge will smell like garlic and cilantro).

Easy Pico-de-Gallo

3 tomatoes, diced
1/2 bunch of cilantro, minced
1/2 sweet onion, minced
1 section of green pepper, minced
3-4 cloves garlic, minced
about 1/3-1/2 cup vinegar (use your best judgement)
salt and pepper

Mix it up really well and refrigerate. I put my pico in a Tupperware and shook it up really well right before serving to re-mix.

You can use regular rice, but if you want an authentic Cafe Rio taste, here is the Cilantro Rice recipe.

Cafe Rio Cilantro Rice

3 cups. water (or whatever your rice calls for to cook)
4 cloves minced garlic
1/2 bunch chopped cilantro
1/2 medium onion, chopped
1 can (4 oz) green chilies
4 tsp. chicken bouillon
1 tsp. cumin
3/4 tsp. salt
3 cups rice, uncooked

If you don't know how to put the salad together here are some directions

Tortilla- I used the 8 inch reduced fat tortillas
Cheese- I used real cheese on this because low at cheese is not good, sorry if anyone likes it. ;)
Beans - black or pinto (mine came straight out of the can, warmed in the microwave with a little garlic powder and green Tabasco sauce).
Lettuce - Shredded Romaine, you want small enough pieces to get a little of everything on your fork
Pico de Gallo - I like extra pico, so I give myself an extra scoop.
Tortilla Strips - slice a corn tortilla into strips, spray with pam olive oil and salt and pepper and bake on a foil-covered sheet for 15-20 minutes at 350-ish.
Creamy Tomatillo Dressing


I have grown a deep love for mango's since I moved here. My two favorite recipes I thought that I would share with all of you. The first is mango salsa. I have always liked mango salsa but I tried this recipe from a lady in my ward and it was so yummy, nothing compares. And then there is mango bread which is also so good. I'm sure that if you can't find any mango's that substituting fresh peaches would be just as nice.

Mango Salsa

1 ripe mango peeled pitted and diced
1 avocado peeled pitted and diced
1/2 med. red onion finely chopped
1 jalapeno minced (remove ribs and seeds for a milder taste)
1 small cucumber peeled and diced
3 TBSP fresh lime juice
3 TBSP cilantro leaved chopped
1 red bell pepper chopped
salt and pepper to taste

Combine all ingredients in a bowl. Season to taste with salt and pepper.

Mango Bread

2 c flour
2 tsp baking soda
1 tsp vanilla
1 1/2 c sugar
2 c thinly sliced mango's
3 eggs
1/2 c melted butter
1/2 c canola oil
1 tsp baking powder
2 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp salt

Mix all wet ingredients together in a large bowl. Add the dry ingredients and mix thoroughly. Bake at 350 for 1 hour. Makes 2 loaves.

Friday, October 3, 2008

a nice surprise

Sorry guys something happened to this post yesterday and it was deleted, luckily I saved it on a different file so here it is again.

Yesterday Afternoon I got a call from Corey telling me that I needed to come to his work at 4:30 because there was going to be a ceremony for some soldiers to get their rank advancement and he was one of them. I had to ask him if he was serious because he wasn't due for he rank until December. He was very serious, and come to find out one of his superiors pulled him aside and told him that if he kept up the hard work and made some minor changes in his conduct (basically acting like a leader instead of an ordinary soldier) he should expect to go in front of a board of officials to see if they think he is qualified enough to get another rank advancement in 6 months which would make him a NCO (Non-Commissioned Officer). I am so proud of him, he is such a hard worker. I had to laugh because this is exactly what he was avoiding because he was hoping to change his MOS and it is just easier to do when you aren't an NCO. But I think that he will enjoy his work a lot more being in a leadership position because his Company is in serious need of some good capable hard working leaders. Congrats babe, I love you!

If you want to read Corey's take on this you can visit his blog at www.pogiabbott.blogspot.com

birthday time!

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