Saturday, January 31, 2009

super hero training

The past two weeks at gymnastics Kayla has done Super Hero Training and this week they graduated. It was so cute after the day was done they put on some capes and did a fly by around the room.

Kayla has been learning lots of fun things. Her favorite part of Super Hero Training was the trampoline of course. Right now they are working on holding themselves up on the bar, somersaults (backwards and forwards), cartwheels, and the balance beam. She has a long way to go because the poor girl has inherited my clumsiness and poor balance, haha. But that doesn't stop her from trying her hardest and having tons of fun in the process!

uncle jake's

We had a lot of fun playing at Uncle Jake's house. He is one of the few people who can play rough enough for Teyton. Jake had him at the first head bonk, haha. I have to say that I need to have Uncles around more often to wear out my kids. They are always so exhausted when the day is over and sleep so hard the next night.

The kids had lots of fun playing with Taz and Booger. And I am happy to say that there were no incidents with the animals this time. Last time we were there Kayla was clipped by Booger when he was running to catch his ball and she did a flip in the air and face planted it in the snow. Thank goodness there was snow on the ground to break her fall. He didn't even hit her that hard, but she is so petite and he is such a big dog that she didn't stand a chance.

This time we played with blocks and Jake introduced Kayla to Mouse Trap. I don't think that she was able to fully appreciate the game because Teyton was always setting off the trap before it was time or stealing the balls, haha.


Teyton is such a mischief maker and loves to climb. The very first day we got here he started moving chairs around the house and standing on them for who know what reason, maybe to get a better vantage point to escape, haha. Well that wore off quickly so he moved onto using the chairs to get on top of the table. He gets up there every chance that he gets and will just dance and scream on top of the table, haha. It is funny but scares me to death because this kid has no fear. Well it got really old taking him down from the table every two seconds, so we now have to stack the chairs on top of the table to keep Teyton from killing himself. He is too smart for his own good though. when he saw that I did this he started pulling pillows and stacking them up to try and climb up that way, haha. Luckily he didn't succeed, but he seems to have some sort of radar. Every time someone accidentally leaves down a chair he is there within second to take full advantage of it!


Kayla had been aching for some extra-curricular activity so I signed her up for a gymnastics class and I am so glad that I did! I love this class and I will be so sad to leave it in April. The first week they did Trains, Planes and Automobile Training. Kayla had so much fun and I have never seen her play so hard. She fell asleep on the car ride home and it wasn't anywhere near her nap time, haha. She has already learned so much and loves the interaction with the other kids. I just wish that they had a class that Teyton could be in because he would have a blast too!

jace and andrew

I can finally put together my pages. Thankfully Brian helped me out or I don't think that it would've ever work. I have come to a decision that I don't like Macs and they don't like me either, haha.

A couple of weeks ago we went to Jace and Andrew's house in SLC. The kids had so much fun there and LOVED playing with their two pugs Bella and Beauty. They are so fun to watch and I think that Beauty has finally met someone who can wear her down because Kayla was playing hard with her.

I was able to see all of the changes that they had made with the house since I had seen it last, mainly the outside and I wish that I would've thought to take pictures but I'll have to remember to next time. I love going there, it makes me want to buy a house and fix it up myself...I'd probably be singing a different tune when it actually happens though, haha. It is a lot of hard work and takes a lot of time.

When it was time for us to go Kayla said that she wanted to stay there forever, haha. She had so much fun and Teyton did to. They were asleep in the car the minute we drove away from the house.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

american idol

I actually have a lot to post about but I am have had some technical difficulties with my camera and and now that I figured that out I am having issues with the computer program that I use for my pages. So I thought that I would post about one of Corey good High School friends who made an appearance on American Idol yesterday, Chris Kirkham. If any of you watch American Idol than you probably remember him and Greg the pink rabbit, haha. I got this off of his blog because I thought that Corey would be more likely to see it here right away since he doesn't get a whole lot of computer time. I hope that you don't mind Chris.

Corey, Chris and another friend Blair use to jam together and had a band called, Can We Be Franc?. They didn't like him so much but I thought that he did a great job! I loved the whole thing, it was so funny!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

happy birthday corey!

Happy birthday Corey! I know that the post date says the 14th but it is the evening here which means that it is the morning of your birthday where you are. I wish that we could be together on your special day. I have loved every moment that we have been able to share together. We both know that it hasn't always been easy, but that is what makes our life together so special. We have been together for such a short amount of time but have experienced and been through more than some people have in a lifetime, and more importantly we have survived ;) haha. You have been my rock through the hard times and are always able to make me smile and laugh even when you aren't here. Since you are turning 27 I thought that I would list 27 things that I love about you. They aren't in any particular order.

1. Your smile
2. Your unique eye's (for those of you who don't know this he has one blue eye and one hazel eye)
3. You will do whatever it takes to take care of our family
4. You are the best daddy in the world
5. Your voice
6. Your love for learning new things
7. Your incredible knowledge of the gospel and love of the Lord
8. You are headstrong (that may surprise you, but I do love that about you)
9. When someone tells you that you can't do something you never give up and prove them wrong
10. I love that you play the guitar
11. You make me feel like I am the most important person in the world
12. You're easy to tease
13. You tease me back
14. Your laugh
15. The sound of your voice
16. You support me in anything and everything that I want to do
17. You help me with my silly projects even though I'm sure you would rather be doing something else.
18. You are the hardest worker
19. Your integrity
20. You are not afraid to stand up for what you believe in no matter what
21. Your kisses
22. Your touch
23. I feel safe when you are near
24. You always make time for the kids even when you are exhausted
25. You spoil me
26. Your obsession with Halloween :)
27. Your outgoing personality

I could keep going but I don't want to make a novel out of this post. Corey I am so grateful that you were brought into my life. I cannot imagine what my life would be like without you in it. Thank you for letting me be a part of you.

Friday, January 9, 2009

snow day!

I love the look on Teyton's face here. "You have got to be kidding me Mom!":)

We had so much fun playing in the snow the other day. Well I should say that Kayla, Brian (my brother), and I had fun in the snow. Teyton hates the snow! Actually he hates everything about the cold here. He hates wearing clothes and shoes and especially coats, lol! You'd think that he lives in Hawaii or something ;) So all of the layers of clothing that it takes to play out in the snow was pure torture for him, haha. The only way we got him to be happy outside was if he was on top of someone. Maybe the next winter we are here he will appreciate the snow a little better. Kayla had a blast though. We had a snow ball fight and made snow angels. She and her uncles made a snowman about a week ago which had been melting, but we got a bunch of new snow the other day which made our snowman turn into a snow-lady. Kayla thought that that was pretty neat. :)

baby shower

I was lucky enough to be in town right at the end of one of my very good friends pregnancy! Me and my friend Chrystal threw the shower for her and it was so fun! I have literally missed every single one of my friends weddings and births of their children...except Britney's. I have amazingly made it to her wedding and now for her first baby. I was joking with her that she just really plans her major events around my coming in town. ;) It was so good to see all of my friends again. Some of them I haven't seen in about 5 years!

birthday parties

Presents at the Bastian house.

Kayla picked out the Birthday cake herself and it it had to be the cake with big pink and blue flowers. She picked it over the princess cake which surprised me since she dressed in princess clothes all day and even in to the night with her princess jammies. :)

Kayla wanted to go to Chuck E Cheese, but since that is a little pricey we faked it by eating the pizza at home and then going to the Nickelcade where everyone had so much fun. Everyone was so nice and gave her all of their tokens so she really cleaned out the place. Her favorite prize was her "makeup" which was really just lip gloss, but that hasn't stopped her from putting it all over her face, haha.

Presents at the Abbott house.

This time she wanted to make the cake herself so we went to the store and she picked out the rainbow chip cake with white frosting and rainbow sprinkles. She had so much fun decorating it and writing out the number four in candles and also making a little heart out of the candles on her cake. After the cake we watched Horton Hears a Who.

Monday, January 5, 2009

our christmas

This has taken me too long to post but better late than never. :) We had such a fun Christmas with our family. We spent Christmas Eve and the early part of Christmas morning with my side of the family. And then we spent Christmas day with Corey's side. Kayla and Teyton were spoiled rotten by everyone! They had so much fun. Kayla helped me make the Christmas Eve dinner and had fun making the turkey talk and gave it a good rub after I "was being mean to it" according to Kayla, haha! As she rubbed butter on it she was saying "oh, that feels better. Rub rub rub now you will taste so yummy!" she cracks me up! While it was cooking we all had fun making Gingerbread houses, Christmas cookies for Santa (actually they were cheerio crispy treats with strawberry marshmallows - Kayla's choice) and then we made some special magical reindeer food so that the the reindeer and Santa would be able to find us since we weren't at home. Kayla was very happy that it worked. Teyton and Kayla had so much fun and played so hard that they fell right to sleep as soon as they hit the pillow. We actually had to wake them up in the morning to open presents, haha!

When we got to the Abbott's Kayla helped Grandma Abbott with the food and Teyton had fun playing with Buddie. Kayla was so excited to open more presents and was being so patient. We told her that she couldn't open them until Aunt Stephanie and Uncle Chris came. So she became the best greeter for everyone that came just waiting for them to come. :) Although she had to wait a bit longer than that, we had to eat first. She was the first one finished and could hardly contain herself while she waited for everyone else. Both of the kids were spoiled again by everyone. I think that her favorite gift was her Cinderella purse because after she opened it she went around to everyone asking for money to put inside it, haha! She actually made off pretty well. I think that she had somewhere around $8 in change, lol! Good thing she is so cute. Teyton slept most of the time because he was still kind of sick. It took him while to warm up to everyone but he took to Buddie (our dog) right away! I think that they have become the best of friends. He is such a good dog and we miss having him around. It was so good to be able to see everyone again. We have missed living close to family.

birthday time!

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