Thursday, March 19, 2009

st. patty's day

We had a lot of fun putting together traps to catch us some leprechauns on St. Patricks day. Kayla was so animated about everything that we were doing. She could not wait to find a pot of gold. When I asked her what she would do with it she said she wants to put it in her piggy bank, haha. At least she is a saver! She woke up at 3:30 in the morning to go potty and saw that the leprechauns had come. She could not sleep after that and would try to convince me every five minutes that it was morning time. At about 8 am she was playing in the front room and it became really quiet so I went to check on her. She was dead asleep on the couch covered in candy wrappers, haha.

While Kayla was asleep Teyton was such a big helper with making breakfast. Kayla woke up and discovered that the leprechauns had turned all of our food green! I took her to the bathroom to wash up and when we came back those leprechauns had been at it again and spilt all of her green milk on the table and floor. Kayla was stunned. Teyton had a mischievous grin on his face. Apparently he was very close to catching a leprechaun. :) They loved their food and Kayla was convinced that it tasted even better green, haha.

After nap time we took a walk over to the University Mall and played in the tree house. They had so much fun. Teyton couldn't get enough of the slides, until he saw the giant globe in water. He would've jump right into the water if I would let him. He loves water and balls, combine them together and this boy was in heaven! Kayla just had fun running around being crazy and playing with all of the other kids at the play area. She is such a social butterfly!

Monday, March 9, 2009

corey's r and r

We loved every minute of Corey being home for the past two weeks. It just went by too quickly. We were able to do a lot of fun things while he was here. I think that we were able to have more fun because we just kind of did what ever we wanted when we wanted. We didn't plan anything except for Disneyland and even then we left for that trip when we felt like it. It was so nice to just relax and have fun without having to worry about being anywhere or do anything. Just warning you that there are a lot of posts to look at from Corey being here, so I will understand if you just look at the pictures. ;)


Our ride to Disneyland the first day was so much fun for both the kids. Every time Kayla heard anyone mention the word Disneyland she would start bouncing in her chair uncontrollably. Teyton would get really excited too but I don't think he knew what he was excited for. He was just having fun with his big sissy being crazy.

The first thing we had to do was have breakfast with Minnie and her friends. Teyton LOVED Winnie the Pooh. He would not stop smothering him with loves and kisses. Kayla's favorite was the Fairy Godmother. They were both a little scared when Captain Hook came around though, haha.

Kayla's favorite ride was the Tea Cups. Teyton loved all the rides. We couldn't go through the lines fast enough for him. They were both so cute to watch. Disneyland is much more fun when you go with two little kids.

Teyton seemed to sleep through everything except for the rides, so he didn't get to meet very many characters. But Frozone was nice enough to ask to have his picture taken with Teyton sleeping. We are kind of thinking that this guy knew Corey because he seemed to recognize him. We came back around his way a couple hours after this picture was taken and he reached around a group of people to tap Corey on the shoulder as we passed by. Too bad they can't talk so we could've found out who his secret identity was. ;) Kayla got to see her favorite princess Aurora. She was so happy after seeing all of the princesses. She looked like she was in heaven the whole time.

These bumper cars were the only ride that we weren't able to take Teyton on. He was not happy about that at all. The entire ride he was doing everything in his power to get over the wall blocking him from these fun cars. At one point he got his foot caught in a trash bin, haha. He is one determined little man!

The kids had so much fun the three days that we were there. You'd think that they would be sick of it after so much. But since we have left Kayla has been trying to talk me into going back. She has even tried to bribe me a couple of times, haha. She said "Mommy I have a secret, we will wake up and then we will go to Disneyland and it will be so much fun!" I told her that it would be awhile before we will be able to go back. That didn't stop her though. She said, "But I will give you $100." I told her that we will go if she gives me $100. She thought for awhile and said, "First we go to Disneyland, then I'll give you $100." I don't know where she got the idea of bribery from, haha. It sure was cute though.

playing with daddy

Kayla and Teyton have so much fun with their Daddy. I came upstairs after getting ready for the day to Kayla riding on Buddie and Teyton being flipped around over and over again by Corey. He will never get tired of that game.

Kayla wanted to take her Daddy to see the fishy's. She had a lot of fun showing him around and looking at all the cool fish and other things. I don't think Kayla or Teyton will ever get tired of that place.

our date

Corey and I had such a fun time on our date. We were trying to celebrate both our Birthdays and our Anniversary all at once.

First we went to see Twilight at the Dollar Theater. Corey had read all the books while he was in Iraq and one of his friends bought a bootleg version of the movie that he watched there, but it wasn't very good quality obviously being bootleg, haha.

We stayed the night at the Anniversary Inn which was just beautiful. We would never be able to afford to stay in the room that we got, but they do a special for soldiers who are going to be deployed, have come home from a deployment, or are on their R and R during a deployment....$99 for any room! So we booked the most expensive room they had, haha. It was so nice!

The next day we went to do some indoor skydiving at iFLY. It was so much fun! We were really bummed that our video didn't workout for us. We did get compensated, but the first video would've been so much more fun than the one we ended up with. We did get a lot of great pics though!

Last we went to eat at the Mayan. Corey had never been there before. It was nice to have dinner and a show. This was definitely the funnest date we have ever been on!


After Corey and I had finished our date we went to watch our video to see how we looked at iFLY. We were so bummed that the DVD didn't work. We called them up expecting them to have kept the flight video for the day and just burn us another DVD but they don't keep those things. So they told us to come in for another session for free! We had to bring the kids along with us and Kayla kept begging us to let her fly too. So we let her. She was so stinkin cute as you can see! The way that it works is that you get two minutes in the tunnel, one minute at a time. They give you a chance to rest in between. Believe me you need it the first few times. But Kayla would only do it for the first minute. The second minute she had a death grip on her trainer. He tried to pry her off of him but was unsuccessful, haha. She did better than I thought. I thought that she would only make it for the first 30 sec. But she says that she loved it and actually when she was looking at the pictures the other day she asked if she could fly again. We'll have to try it again the next time we are in town.


Here are most of the boy's. We really missed everyone who wasn't able to come.

We were lucky enough to get together with some of Corey's friends. We met up at Applebee's and had such a fun time talking and catching up with everyone's lives. We only wish that he could've been here longer to be able to see everyone.


We went to play at the Clearfield Aquatic Center a couple of times while Corey was here. The kids really loved it. They have really changed the place since I have been there last. Teyton just loved to hang onto his Daddy's shoulders while he walked around the deeper parts of the pool, and Kayla loved to be chased around by the "Daddy shark".

last days

When Corey got here we figured out the dates that he would be here so that we could do all of our planning to fit things in to the 2 weeks. Well on Saturday morning we were all emotional that Corey was leaving again. After I had dropped him off at the Airport and was heading back to Orem I got a phone call from Corey telling me that we had figured the dates wrong and he had an extra day with us! I didn't have my camera along with us for our real last day, but we had a lot of fun. It made it easier to send him back to the Airport on Sunday because we got to say our goodbyes twice. For our bonus day we went to Nicklecade and then took the kids with Grandma and Grandpa Bastian to see Bolt. We miss him so much already and hope that these next 8 months fly by.

birthday time!

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