Thursday, June 10, 2010

make-over night

Last night Kayla decided that it was her turn to play with my hair. So she got out some tools and went to work. She did a pretty good job with the sponge rollers for her first time! She's a wonderful photographer too. =]

hide and seek

Teyton and McKayla love to play hide and seek together. Teyton always chooses one of two places to hide. Behind the Love Sac, and here...

I love how he yells "TA DA!" when he's been found.

I have also found that this is his favorite place to hide all of his toys. =]

Friday, June 4, 2010

back to the blogging world

I realized today lying in bed sick bored out of my mind that I have not made a post on my blog for a very long time. So I figure now is a good time to start over. I'm not going to even attempt to catch up everything haha. I did however find some pics on Corey's laptop that I haven't posted on FB so I know that no one has seen these yet.

These kids LOVE to wear Daddy's Army beret when he comes home from work. I know that I'm a lot biased haha but I think they look stinking cute in it! In Kayla's long list of future occupations one of them is a Soldier just like her Dad. Now I am not all for that idea, but I think that that is a pretty high compliment to her Daddy.

Birthday morning dance. These are back from April on my 26th Birthday. The kids helped Daddy make breakfast and we had fun doing a yummy dance while eating.

My beautiful flowers and cake that I got for my Birthday. I love my family!

Kayla had a sleepover at our house with her "BFF" little miss Brooklyn. These two girls are so cute together. I am so glad that she found such a good friend right after we moved out of our house in Helemano!

Teyton had some "man time" with daddy while us girls had fun dressing up and such. Teyton LOVES his Cars toys and is lucky to have a Dad that feeds his obsession and is always on the lookout for one of the Cars in his collection we don't have yet haha. They are so fun to watch.

The girls decided to watch The Princess and the Frog and broke out Kayla's Tiana and Charlotte dolls and I kid you not they were quoting the ENTIRE movie with these dolls haha. Teyton and I were very entertained haha.

The next morning we decided to make some easy chocolate chip cookies using cake mix for the girls to bring as a snack when they went to the splash park with Brooklyn's Mom. I'm pretty sure they ate more of it in dough form then when it was baked. I don't blame them though I love cookie dough!

birthday time!

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