Sunday, October 31, 2010

pumpkin carving/coloring

We had tons of fun carving and coloring pumpkins this year. My kids are such wonderful little artists! They colored 5 mimi pumpkins/squash, and the big pumpkin that we carved was a family effort. We all voted to do Jack Skellingtons face.


.......well, it was suppose to be a trunk-or-treat. I must have missed the memo that was sent out changing it from an outdoor trunk-or-treat, to trick-or-treating inside the Church due to weather. So sad, I decorated the van and everything! Oh well, the kids still had tons of fun and I just took pics of the decorations with Corey and the kids. Kayla and Teyton got quite the haul though. Full Buckets of candy for both of them!

annual abbott halloween bash!!

Every year we throw a Halloween party and this year was no exception. We had a HUGE turn out and I am so glad that we did! This will be our last Halloween on Island and so it was great to have everyone together at least one more time before we move this coming May. The kids were so good, so that gave us adults more time to mingle with each other instead of chasing the kids and breaking up fights haha.

The kids getting ready to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas

The train table was a big hit with the toddlers!

Some of the kids being chased by a Ghoul that decided to join our party.

The kids enjoying the Haunted House and fog machine.

And then here are all of the couples!
First we have the The Garcia's

The Kamauu's

Half of the Ramos fam {Oly acted as stand in husband for Michael ;)}

The Loder's

The Shaffer's

The Gwin's

The Ormond's

The Abbott's

The Orr's

The Downer's {I took the pic before Daryl came and just forgot to take another one, sorry!}

The Brown's

The Cox's

half of the Rees couple {Deven was the stand in husband for David ;)}

The Pollock's

half of the Allred fam

and last but not least the Rueckert's

We were able to get a pic with all the ladies together, but apparently only "highschool/college type guys who take their shirts off, take group pics together." I think that Corey was just being a boob though haha ;)

All the adults mingling, and kids raiding the candy bucket. Seriously the best party ever!

Now onto the Costume Awards!
JT Gwin won "Scariest Kid Costume" just for being an all around tough kid, haha

There was a tie for "Prettiest Kid Costume", the two Cinderella's Lauren Kamauu, and Juliana Skaf. {I had to get a pic with them!}

"Coolest Kid Costume" {no bias here or anything ;)} went to Teyton Abbott, I swear he was in his Spiderman costume at one point, but as soon as dinner started he stripped down and just had fun running around in his Pull-Up haha.

"Funniest Kid Costume" went to Oliver Allred who came as a Hamburger.

"Best Couple Costume" award turned into the best family theme, and that was the Orr Family

"Funniest Adult Costume" went to Jason Loder who came as a Luchadore, and turned into our Ghoul that stalked the kids at the party.

"Scariest Adult Costume" was awarded to Kia Kamauu, because Corey {a typical caucasian male ;)} was giving out the awards, and Kia came dressed as a Token Black Guy

"Most Creative Costume" went to Shawn and Tara Ormond

birthday time!

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

our marriage and counting