Monday, November 29, 2010

lost dogs

About a week ago during one of Teyton's escapes he managed to let Moki and Koa out. By the time I got Teyton inside and dressed to go find the dogs they were out of sight. Corey tried looking in the regular spots they like to run, but it has been a week now and there has been no sign or word of them around. I have been missing them so much. I keep hoping that I'll get a phone call, but every lead I have received hasn't been my dogs. I told Corey that if we they don't come home I don't think that I can handle losing of having to give up another dog for one reason or another. I get way to attached to those dumb animals.

These two were my shadows everywhere, and loved to rough house with each other.

I bought Moki as a pup and we've had him for 1 1/2 years now. He is a mix of a Ridgeback, Akita, and some sort of a Hound. He is definitely my dog and I love him. He is such a good watch dog. Whenever Corey is gone for an extended period of time he will pace the house sticking his nose through all of the blinds growling at the darkness. He is a little intimidating to most people who first meet him but he really is a sweetheart. He thinks that he is one of the kids and is always right by there beside Kayla and Teyton prancing around like a Jackalope when they run around the house. The only thing that Moki is truly afraid of is Teyton haha. I can't say that I blame him. Moki thinks that he is a lap dog and every chance he gets he will cuddle up to me or the kids. He knows that he isn't allowed on the couch so when I am sitting or laying down he will stretch his long neck out and lay his head on my lap or chest.

We adopted Koa and have had him for a year now. He is 10 yrs and a mix of a Lab and Ridgeback. He always plops down at my feet when I do the dishes and will not move! Sure he will lift his head up here and there so I can open the cupboard door he blocks every single time, but that's it. The dog is afraid of everything! The dark, vacuum, water, any sudden or loud noise, and most of all he was afraid of my camera haha. These are the best two pics I have of him. He was such a good dog and was so good with the kids. They could lay, roll, pull, sit on him and he would take it and love every second of attention he got from Kayla and Teyton.

I sure miss these two animals.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

the joys of raising a boy.....

Alright, first off I must say that I love Teyton more than any other little boy in the whole wide world and when it comes down to it I would never EVER change him in a million years. That being said....OH. MY. GOODNESS!!! That boy has so much energy and is so inquisitive about life it is a wonder he and I are still alive! November has flown by to say the least because of all the little adventures Teyton has had {and I have endured}. Feel free to laugh at all of this because I myself am laughing while I write this. It may not be so funny in the moment, but I have been getting in some good laughs now looking at the pics and recalling the stories.

Let's start from the top. It started with Teyton learning to climb amazing heights without any aid or stepping stools of any kind. How does he do this you might ask...I have no idea! He is so fast I have yet to witness these miracle stunt maneuvers he does. He is so stealth, seriously that boy is like a ninja! That combined with trying to potty train that child has not been good! We have been inside most of the time and despite my best efforts Teyton gets bored often with my games and wants to have fun of his own. I still take him outside to burn off some energy, but not nearly as long as we usually do because I am determined to have this boy potty trained!

The beginning of the month started out innocent enough. He wouldn't cry after nap time and instead destroy his room. I knew he was awake when I heard loud crashes coming from upstairs and come to his room looking like a tornado just hit it. Or going into Kayla's room and emptying out her toy chest to hide inside from Mommy. {He LOVES to play hide and seek} Or he would throw his food to the dogs getting a big kick out of how silly they look jumping up trying to catch bits of food here and there.....all those things I can handle. My house may look like a disaster 95% of the time but hey I'm a Mom right?

Next he upped his game a little. He now was trying to become an escape artist. Sneaking outside to try and play in his Little Coupe usually I run outside finding a little nude or underwear boy giggling and laughing while I chase him down. I'm pretty sure my neighbors think that we are crazy. He also started running into Kayla's room, my room, or the bathrooms and will lock the door and in the time it takes me to unlock it he has either destroyed the said room, or clogged the toilet/sink up with whatever he has on hand. This is all still things that I can handle, he is a little boy and a miniature Corey so I have had time to prepare myself for this {and I grew up with 5 brothers so that helped too}.

Here is where he takes everything to a whole new level. He now will start the day really nice, happy, smiling, no real major disasters or shenanigans to speak of. Then he will strike. First was the baby powdering of his room. Which was more comical than anything. He was so proud of himself. And little Miss McKayla was such a sweetheart, instead of tattling on her brother she just started dusting off all of his toys with her makeup brush.

Then he figured out how to open his medicine cabinet to get to the kids mouth wash. He took it and decided that it would be a great idea to spit it out on the carpet randomly in each room. I didn't get pictures of that because I was afraid that it would stain the carpet. I'm happy to say that it didn't.

Next he must have snuck out the vaseline and hid it in his room after getting into the medicine cabinet because while he was suppose to be napping he decided to give himself and his room a makeover with the vaseline. I was able to get out the stains on his bedding {YAY} his hair on the other hand didn't quite make it...

While I was cleaning up the mess he made,{and others I am listing} he made a number of other messes. Dumped his strawberry milk out on the couch, colored his body with markers, and painted his newly bald head and the couch with finger colors. I swear I couldn't keep up with the boy! He had so many baths in one day it was ridiculous! I was so done by the time Corey came home I just had to get out of the house! Corey was nice enough to let me go and got the kids dinner and even put them to bed, sweet right!? I came home that night feeling so refreshed and fell asleep ready to take on the next day.

While Corey had the best intentions taking care of the children he made one tiny oversight....he didn't put a Pull-Up on Teyton! There was pee everywhere! So much for a brand new day right! He must have liked the freedom he felt sleeping without a Pull-Up on because later that day when I got him up from his nap his Pull-Up was off, and he was using as finger paint on the door. {don't worry I did NOT take any pics of that, I was too busy trying not to throw up while cleaning it off} I threw him in the tub and he was having a great time playing in the bubbles.

Teyton "thinking" about what he just did...I think he just may be a little to young to understand what I meant, he looks far too happy in his thoughts

He may have made a small lake in the bathroom but I will take that any day over the other mess he had just made. I gave up on the inside routine for the day and we played outside and I ran him ragged! Then the next morning I tried to wear him out with inside games so he could still use the potty when needed. We did somersaults, danced, made towers out of plastic cups and then destroyed them, wrestled, I had him run around our kitchen island for awhile, we played hide and seek...needless to say I got ZERO house work done all day.

BUT it was so worth it! I wore him out good! He took such a good nap {and so did I} he actually resisted my attempts of waking him up from his nap. Believe me I didn't want to, but I had a Dr appt that I had to go to {just a check up}.

We have ended this month with Extreme Toddler sports it would seem. Teyton somehow got to the popcorn and treats that I thought were far beyond his reach {silly Mommy, you should never think something is impossible for Teyton to do}.

And then tonight while we were reading bedtime stories, Teyton snuck out of the room we all heard one big thump on the ground and then Teyton's little feet scampering out of his room into Kayla's just beaming with what he had just accomplished.

I have no idea how he got this Piggy Bank off of his dresser. I inspected his room and none of the drawers were pulled out to use for assistance, not toys or books stacked up. Everything was in it's place except the Piggy Bank Teyton held in his hands. I'm thinking that he did some sort of a tuck and roll with how loud of a thump we heard. Oh the adventures of having a little boy....

Sunday, November 14, 2010

vivid imagination

Kayla has such an amazing imagination, I just love hearing what goes on inside that little head of hers. She just cracks me up with the things she comes up with everyday. Unfortunately there is a negative side to having such an amazing imagination when you are so little. She has been having the worst nightmares the past few months, and when she describes them to me I can honestly say that they are things that would scare me. I have been racking my brain and talking to friends about how I can solve this problem because they had gotten so bad that she was starting to have accidents in her bed. She has NEVER had an accident before at night, not even while she was potty training. Well I think that finally between some suggestions from friends, many prayers, and a little of my own imagination I have found a solution!

Every night for the past week she has been waking up multiple times during the night with bad dreams and has ended up sleeping in our bed. I was talking to one of my friends the other day and she suggested that I give her some "Monster Repellent" spray to keep by her bedside when she gets scared. I was afraid that that would just reafirm her belief in monsters. But I did like the idea a lot so I decided to change it up a bit. I got some body spray that smells like pears and gave it to McKayla telling her that nightmares hate the smell of pears. She got a big smile on her face and we sprayed the room and her pillow with the pear spray and said our bedtime prayers and read a story. Well she was telling me that she wished she could have a friend or sister that could always sleep with her and keep her company at night. I asked if she wanted one of her stuffed toys to sleep with, she said "I like sleeping with my toys but none of them keep the bad dreams away." Right then an idea popped into my head.

McKayla is obsessed with the Pinkalicious books and ever since we read the very first book she has told me that she wished she had a dolly like the girl in the book had. Well I was at WalMart the other day and saw one! I grabbed it thinking I would give it to her as a birthday or Christmas present {I like to get my shopping done before the Christmas season starts, it gets way too crazy out there during the holiday season haha}. Anyway, I told her to lay by her Daddy for a minute because I had something special for her. I ran out to my stash of hidden presents and grabbed the doll I had bought for her. She was so excited she looked like she was going to cry. The doll has a little wand so I sprayed it with pear and tucked McKayla in bed. She slept the entire night in her own room! The doll has not left her side since I gave it to her.

veterans day

We had so much fun on Veterans Day! We were invited to participate in the Wahiawa Veterans Day Parade riding on a fun little train. Afterward the kids {that were in the parade} were given some free wristbands to play in the bounce houses, and go on the rides that were available to the public after the parade was over. We were all wiped out afterward, but it was so worth it with all the fun and smiles the kids had!

I am so thankful for all of the Veterans out there and the service and sacrifices they have made for this country. I am especially grateful for my Husband and the service he continually gives. And also my Grandpa Willis who I miss dearly. I cannot wait for the day that I will be able to see him again and give him a great big hug. They are two of the most wonderful, loving, and giving men that I have ever had the opportunity to have in my life.

Monday, November 8, 2010

veggie tale giveaway

"If you like to talk to tomatoes, if a squash can make you smiiiiile, if you like to waltz with potatoes up and down the produce aisle…..have I got a giveaway for you!" My kiddos just LOVE Veggie Tales and sharing this with all of you is one way I am able to win this awesome giveaway for them.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

getting ready for the father-daughter ball

Kayla and I had so much fun getting her all ready for the ball today. She is so stinking cute! I was actually surprised how much hair I had to work with. I forget how long and full her hair is getting. I have a problem that I'm sure many other parents can relate with, I see her as a baby still. She is growing up into a little lady though. She gets to go on her first special date with her Daddy so he can show her how a real gentlemen should treat her when she is old enough to date.

the book

It's finally here! Kayla was so excited that her very own real book has arrived! She loves reading it and told me that I need to get her more watercolors so that she can write her next book haha.

halloween day

The kids had a ton of fun on Halloween day. We let Kayla and Teyton get dressed up and help Corey and I pass out some candy after trick-or-treating around our little circle. Kayla was disappointing that we didn't trick-or-treat longer at first, but after I showed her how much candy she had between 3 days of celebrating Halloween, after that she had no problem passing out candy. Both kids had fun talking/playing in the haunted house with all the kids, and seeing the fun costumes.

Teyton decided to be Darth Vader this time

Kayla being her cute crazy self

The Mermaid Princess, Darth Vader, and Curious George

Kayla loved passing out the candy, probably because she got to snack on it too

This is what happens when Teyton has a full on sugar high...

birthday time!

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

our marriage and counting