Sunday, January 30, 2011

utah trip-travel and the wedding

We had such a fun trip to Utah! I'm am so glad that Marty and Wendy got married because not only do I now have another sister, but it gave us the perfect excuse to come and visit everyone! The vacation itself was really fun but I do have to say that the traveling to and from Utah was really not fun. But we made the most of it. I am sure that lots of people in the airport thought that we were crazy and/or annoying but you do what you have to do to keep kids entertained haha.

After we arrived in Utah we were able to settle in a bit the first day and then we were off to Logan for Marty and Wendy's wedding ceremony. We got to stay in a hotel the night before the big day. We went out for a pre-wedding dinner with everyone and did a mini celebration for Kayla because it just so happened that her birthday was the same day as the wedding. After dinner we went to everyone's room in the wedding party and handed out birthday cupcakes. I totally forgot to take pictures of that part but Kayla thought it was lots of fun. She did get a little carried away and I had to explain to her a few times that there were only certain doors that we could knock on haha.

I woke Kayla up a little earlier on her Birthday so that she could open her presents before all the wedding craziness began. I had to make a pit stop at a store though because you know how there is always one thing that you forget to bring on your trip, well the thing that I forgot was Kayla's Birthday present that was sitting nicely on the Dryer so that I wouldn't forget it when we left haha.

The Ceremony was just beautiful! I am so glad that we were able to make it. After the Ceremony was over and snapped some pictures we were off again to Bountiful to the Luncheon. And then took off to This Is The Place in SLC where the Wedding Reception was held. I think that we were so blessed because it seemed like we left each place just in time to miss the blizzard that hit Utah that day. Despite the bad weather, it was such a great day. The kids had fun exploring everywhere and looking all fancy in their Flower Girl and Ring Bearer outfits. Kayla said that the best part was "Eating the ice cream with ANY topping I wanted! I even got TWO cherries on top!". Kayla and Teyton's eyes seriously got so big when they saw the Ice Cream spread that was put out during the reception haha. After the day was over there were OUT!

our crazy month

Things have been so crazy for us since we came home from our trip from Utah. We found out that the waiting list for a house in Colorado is 6 months! We really don't have that long to sit on our hands and wait on a house so we have been house hunting online. Every time I get on the computer wanting to work on the blog I will get an urge to look at more houses, get prices on salon equipment, or look up schools and the school districts, google map the area, etc. I'll talk more about our house situation on a later post mostly because I don't want to think about it right now haha. Anyway, to escape or turn off my brain from our current moving situation I have been reading. Well....the reason that I don't read too much is that it is SO addicting to me. I have read 7 books already this month. So I have had to ground myself from reading for awhile haha.

Other than crazy PCS (permanent change of station) stuff the only other major thing that has been going on is Corey has been gone a lot because of his work. He has been having lots of fun up in the mountains basically playing a hard core version of laser tag to help some infantry soldiers train for an upcoming mini deployment.

Teyton has been the same crazy boy but I am happy to report that the only major disaster we have had this month was while I was giving a friend a haircut he decided to get the tub of Koolaid mix that was in the pantry, fill it up with water and make a paste. He then tried to pour the paste it in one of Kayla's tea sets. When that didn't work out like he planned, he rubbed the paste all over the dining room floor....I'm pretty sure we are NOT going to have carpet in the house we end up purchasing hahaha.

Kayla has been having fun at school and is soaking up everything like a sponge. I am so grateful for the technology we have these days because that girls asks so many questions about the most random things at random times. But whenever I don't know something I can just look it up on my phone no matter where we are. Kayla told us "Those phones you have are really smart....maybe that is why they are called smart phones."

birthday time!

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