Thursday, May 31, 2012


Teyton had his very first tball practice!  Let me just say that watching 4 and 5 year olds play any type of sport is just a-freaking-dorable!!!  It's a swarm of little people running where ever the ball goes haha.  Teyton's team has some good batters! {not that the tball games have any point system}  The kids learned real quick why the coach told them to stand back while someone is batting.  One poor little girl totally got clocked in the face by a baseball!  She was a champ though, the second her nose stopped bleeding she wanted to get back out there and play!

Poor little man was so tuckered out after practice.  So what does big sister do!?  Plug his nose to wake him up from the car ride.  What a punk!!

Teyton's next practice before his first game falls on the same day/time as Kayla's first softball practice {at completely different locations}!!  What rotten luck!  I am so torn, this single parenting stuff is not easy!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


The past two nights we had some extra bodies in our home.  It was so much fun!  It was also nice to see how much it cheered my kids up.  The house had it's normal sounds of playing, and laughter back {yes there was some arguing too, but I can't expect life to be perfect all the time haha}.  We had a good system going.  When kids were arguing over a toy, it was taken away.  If we couldn't agree on the game to play, or meal to eat, we "paper, rock, scissors"ed it out.  And when there was hurt feelings and mean things said, we tried as best as we could to get to the real root of the problem.  All of the kids have been going though some major life changes, so everyone's emotions were a little heightened.  All and all, I think it was very successful!  

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

fhe activities

Kayla has so much fun planning out our family home evening activities.  Yesterday she decided that we were going to blow bubbles and do a little science experiment.  She had seen me clean with baking soda and vinegar.  She thought that it was super cool that when I put vinegar on the baking soda it bubbled up.  So she decided to see for herself if vinegar does the same thing when mixed with other things in our pantry.  She picked out brown and white sugar, salt, flour, and then of course baking soda.  She was very disappointed to find that I was right, the other things she added vinegar to didn't bubble up, just the baking soda.  So she decided to dump everything together and we got one big brown gloppy bubbly mess haha. {I should have used a bigger bowl!}

Monday, May 28, 2012


I just now realized that I completely forgot to blog about Teyton's visit to the hospital!  It was nothing serious, just a pain really.  So Teyton has been blessed {more like cursed!} with my teeth.  We can clean and floss them in all the right ways but in the end, it really doesn't matter because we are still going to get those dang cavities!  Well we tried the traditional route of getting his cavities filled.  The first go around he projectile vomited all over the poor dentist and dental hygienist.  The second try, he wouldn't even open his mouth a little bit!  So the dentist said that basically our only option was to put him under general anesthesia.....really!? For cavities!? Yep!

So we were off to the Out Patient Surgical Center.  The night before I tired my hardest to keep him awake so that he would sleep in.  We had an 11 am appointment and he couldn't have anything to eat past midnight.  Not easy to do with a 4 year old!  I was able to keep him up until 9 pm.  This kid is like a clock!  He has the hardest time getting out of his routine of 7:30 bedtime.  So 9:00 was hard to say the least!  Poor guy, I startled him awake so many times and I just couldn't do it anymore haha.  But despite my efforts he still woke up at 6:45 on the dot.  So by 8:00 not only did I have a cranky sleep deprived boy, I had a "Mommy I'm starving!" boy.  We had to be at the Surgical Center at 9:30 so everytme he would say "Mommy I'm starving!"  I would exclaim, "Let's play a game!" or "Let's pick out a super cool movie!" haha.  It worked pretty well too.

We made it to the waiting room and I had packed his bag with coloring books, toys and a movie to entertain him for the hour and a half that he had to wait while I filled out paper work.  After popping in the movie Teyton kept saying over and over again "I'm hungry! I'm hungry!" it clicked that the movie I had so lovingly selected was Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.....  Mother of the year award right here haha.  Thankfully we were called back to a special waiting room.  He got to play with super cool trucks and dinosaurs, while I got to talk to the Dentist, the Nurses and the Anesthesiologist. They took me over everything that was going to happen, and let me voice any concerns and/or questions of which I had many!  And then of course he was given a lovely little medicinal cocktail to calm him down for when he had to put the mask on to go to sleep {which made him super silly and super lovey}.  Everyone was so wonderful!  I didn't get many pictures because the Anesthesiologist was kind enough to let me hold him until he had gone completely under!

Everything went off without a hitch!  And after They had made sure that he had something in his belly and was hydrated {and didn't throw any of it up} we were free to go!  Teyton was still pretty out of it by the time we got home.  I carried him as much as I could, but every once and awhile I had to set him down for a second to open or shut a door.  And every time he had to stand alone he would collapse in slow motion and just lay where ever he was at the time.

                                                                on the concrete......

                                                                  in the entry way......

                         sleeping his days away... {which is a very good thing}

It took a couple days to get completely back to his happy self, but now he is good as new!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

our crazy week

Well it is the end of the school year and we were able to make it to Kayla's last Renaissance Assembly of the year.  We always have a really good time at them.  This time it was held outside because it has been such a nice weather lately.  Kayla was awarded the Gold Card once again.  She is such a good student.  I am so proud of the progress she has made this year!

Teyton was given a super cute gift from his friend Cody.  We call it the Daddy toy.  For now he has been really good at sharing with McKayla until I figure out where to order one for her.

We have been having lots of fun playing with friends, and just being crazy around our house.  And I have been busy helping with a friends wedding.  I am happy to say that everything turned out beautifully despite the last minute changes and rough patches we hit along the way.  

                                                          helmet on and happy.........

                                                             trying to take it off..........

                                                              bowing head in defeat.

                                                                     the bride

                                                                  the groom


Well I suppose I have put this off for long enough.  I really want to keep up with this blog while Corey is gone to keep him in the loop with the goings on in our little family.  So here it goes, this post is really about getting ready for, and Corey's actual Deployment day.

Corey was really good with getting all the last little details around the house done for me, mainly debugging {aka eradicating the spiders haha}, finding someone to mow for us, and just all the other odds and ends that only he can do.  The only thing I am not ready for is winterizing the house, but there is plenty of time to figure that out.  The kids had fun following him around and being super helpful with little chores.

We were able to fit in a couple of fun activities before Corey left.  We were able to attend Kayla's Field Day, and we did our traditional Ihop breakfast.  Corey even got to take me on one last date on his motorcycle.

Before we made our way to Corey's Battalion for the final send off we made a quick pit stop at YoYogurt.

The first part of the afternoon was actually quite enjoyable.  Got to visit some friends, check out the equipment and see what Daddy does at work.  And the kids had tons of fun running around on all the rucksacks and duffle bags.  Teyton was Corey's little shadow and was following him everywhere and helping him every chance he got.  Kayla was enjoying herself so much that at one point she exclaimed, "This is the best day ever!".  And it was a pretty good day, until those dang white buses pulled up.  It was then that I think it finally clicked why we were really there.  We of course talked about it lots before, but I think that the kids are very much like me with avoiding the fact that Corey is really leaving.  That he is really going to be gone for 9 months.  Every time Corey left Teyton's line of vision he would start panicking saying "Where's Daddy?  I need Daddy."

I was actually doing really good and was thinking that maybe this deployment I would be able to leave without crying, since I know that he is going to be in a safer area.  But as soon as he had to pull away from the kids to line up.  Teyton wouldn't let go of him, and Kayla started crying which then made Teyton cry even harder.  From that point it was all over for me.  I think I did a pretty good job holding it together though.  I knew {and still know} that if I fall apart, the kids would have been even more of an emotional wreck.  Let me tell you what!  It was SO much harder this time around.  I have two kids who now recognize what is going on.  I have two kids crying uncontrollably and while trying to sooth and comfort them, I am also trying to keep my emotions in check and be strong for them.

This is for sure an experience that I do not wish on anyone, but at the same time.  I am extremely proud of my husband.  I am proud to be married to a Soldier and have the honor of being an Army Wife.  I am proud of the sacrifices that are made everyday to keep our freedoms and protect the freedom of those less fortunate than ourselves.  It is a lot to deal with, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  My husband does what he loves for a living.  And what he loves is an extremely honorable job.  Not many people are so lucky to say that they have even one of those qualities in their job let alone both.  

birthday time!

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