Friday, June 15, 2012

go gators!

Kayla is getting better and better at softball with each practice!  The team has been working on throwing and following the ball to catch it.  I can't wait until we get our own set of bats and a tee stand {and more softballs, I can see why people don't practice with just one ball now haha} so that we can practice more at home.  I am so glad that Kayla's practices are held right by a playground.  It makes it so much easier to keep him entertained and out of mischief.  Tomorrow is the kiddos second game and they are both so excited for it!!

McKayla got real spoiled today!  Her Daddy surprised her with a special delivery of beautiful flowers.  It came just in time too.  She has REALLY been missing her Daddy!

Thursday, June 14, 2012


I will admit it, I bribe my kids.  I was not looking forward to running errands today!  So I told them if they behaved the WHOLE time, then at the last store they could pick out a treat {Kayla picked out a candy baby bottle, and Teyton went for a piece of cake haha}.  And then on the way home we would stop at the fire house to look at the fire trucks and get a mini tour.  It totally worked!  We were finished with grocery shopping AND getting some school clothes for the fall in 3 hours!!! That is record time for us.  Now I just have to figure out what to bribe them with next Thursday haha.

water fun

Yesterday we went to the water park again.  Kayla  informed me tht it had been "forever!" since we had been there last haha.  Time is such a different concept to a child.  But it has been rather hot so we made an afternoon of it.  I let the kids play until they were pooped.  They had so much fun, and as a bonus, Teyton past out on the way home!  It was a win win!

I do admit that I didn't get pictures at Kayla's practice.  My Visiting Teachers have the hardest time meshing their schedule with mine.  I am open in the day, and they are open in the evening.  So they came to Kayla's softball practice to visit with me.  Now that is dedication to your calling haha!  It was nice of them to do that though.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

blew it!

So I completely forgot to bring my camera around with me all day.  So I didn't get any pictures of the kids.  We took some pics in the morning after I cleaned out the aquarium, but no tball practice or pictures of our picnic, sorry Corey!  But I will give an update on the frogs tonight haha. {I left the camera up by the computer after loading the previous days photos for my blog}

Wiggly and Jiggly are now both full frogs.  No tail at all on them!  So Kayla has now upgraded their names.  They will now be known as Hop and Flop.  Tiggly is still a tadpole.  No changes what so ever.  Well, now that  I think about it, his tail does seem more crooked now.  The kids are getting pretty impatient with him.  Kayla thinks that he is just a dud haha.  It is getting harder to contain Hop and Flop while cleaning the tank out.  I have to put them inside of a trash can, and even then they can almost jump out.  Hop seems to love the camera.  Tiggly and Flop hid from us the whole time we tried to take pictures.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

what a day!

Yesterday was one of those days that you wake up and just know that it is going to be super fun {lots of sarcasm}.  I woke up to a dead bird on my bedroom floor.  Violet was right next to it and seem so pleased with herself.  This has been her second bird kill since Corey deployed. {she brought another bird in this morning to and left it on the stairs as another fun surprise so today we are on #3} I really starting to think that getting her those Angry Bird dog toys was a big mistake!  On one hand, they are the only ones she has not tried to rip to pieces.  On the other, it was right after we got them that she started her bird killing spree.

Now while I wasn't thrilled to have that morning experience I was really hoping that it could only get better.  I mean not much can beat a dead bird.  But it just seemed like one thing after another kept happening.  I won't go into detail, but lets just say that I was able to make no one happy.  Kayla was traumatized by the bird and was certain that we were all going to get "the bird disease" again. {Which was not pleasant, last deployment we all got it after playing in some waterfalls at Hawaii. Lots of ER visits and IV fluids going through our bodies} Teyton was missing his Daddy SO much and I was just not going to cut it for him.  He pretty much hid from me the entire day and when I was by him, he would list off all the things he didn't want/like, and he was sure to name me as many times as possible.

 Kayla has been letting me play with her hair again!!!  I have been having so much fun with it!!

{I couldn't get a very good close up picture, but she wanted me to paint her nails with Hello Kitty and polka dots. I couldn't find my black nail polish and she didn't want grey, so we used silver instead for the face.}

But we were able to sneak in some fun times {note that as soon as Teyton realized he was having fun he ran off crying and would hide}.  By the end of the day everyone seemed to be so much happier.  I got in some very nice compliments from Teyton. He also told me that he was just kidding, he really did want me still.  The kids past out during our movie of the night and there was no way I was going to move them.  So we ended up having a little sleep over downstairs.  Notice how Kayla is all bundled up all cute and dainty.  Teyton on the other hand is 100% sprawled out and could not look any less comfortable haha.

                        {and yes his head is basically inside the couch}

Monday, June 11, 2012

"you just have to be the, you are the ball." -kayla

The kids had tons of fun at their first games.  I wasn't sure if Kayla would be able to play because she was so sick on Friday.  But she didn't have a fever anymore and really wanted to go, so I let her.  I am so glad that I did.

Teyton's game was first and he did really well!  If they actually kept score he would've got a little boy on the other team out!  He played first base, and catcher.  The games go either 5 innings or 1 hour.  Whichever comes first.  Poor Kayla was so bored!  But she spotted on of her school friends so they got to play together during the game.  HE had so much fun!  I think next time I am going to have to bring more water though.  My boy takes after me, he drank 24oz of water during that hour period!  He was one thirsty man! He was such a stinker during Kayla's game though!! So while I did get a lot of video and pictures during little mans game.  I was able to get zero videos and just a few pictures during Kayla's

Also I just have to say that I LOVE how everything in tball is just so dang cute!  They all have the slowest reactions haha.  They are all just concentrating so hard on doing their job right!

Kayla was so nervous for her game!  At her last practice she asked the coach what she should do at home to practice because she didn't think she would be good enough to play "an actual real live game". She has a really great Coach and he gave her some fun exercises to do.  Unfortunately due to her being sick, she wasn't able to practice at all Friday.  Her first time batting she struck out and that really shot her confidence.  She tried to get out of the game before she had to go up and bat again.  But I wanted her to stick it out.  So I told her that I would go in the dugout with her so if she was nervous she could just look right over to her side and see me.  I told her that lots of the other kids struck out too.  They they are just learning and right now the game is not about winning or losing.  She just needed to have fun and relax!  Her coach took her up to bat and talked to her, the umpire also gave her a little pep talk.  Everyone was cheering her on.  And what do you know, she hit that ball real good!  I was so proud of her for sticking it through.  She said that she was happy that I made her stay too haha. I love what she said about how to hit the ball. "You want to know the secret of hitting the softball Mom? You just have to be the, you are the ball. Once I realized that, whosh, I just smacked that ball real good."

Saturday, June 9, 2012


Yesterday we all weren't feeling like ourselves.  Kayla had a fever and couldn't keep a thing down.  Teyton just wanted to be pampered all day {I think he was just jealous of the extra attention Kayla was getting}.  And I had another migraine.  I just keep getting them!  I really need to make an appointment to get some better meds so that I can keep them under control and not get them as frequently.  So basically yesterday we were a bunch of bums, sleeping our day away and watching movies in between naps.  Well, the kids napped.  I washed the throw-up laundry while they were napping haha.

birthday time!

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