Saturday, July 28, 2012


I almost forgot to write about the kids sleepovers!  McKayla, Teyton, and Adi got to have not one but TWO sleepovers.  The first one Kayla and Teyton went to Aunt Sadie's, and Uncle Chris's home.  They seemed to have a blast!  They made snicker doodles, stuck their "buns" out to get cooled off by the a/c unit, made a fort and camped out in it while watching movies.  All the makings of a great sleepover!   {Mom and I went out for some girl time! We had dinner at Zupas and went shopping at Ross!}

We took Adi while Chris and Sadie celebrated Chris's 26th Birthday!  We decided to sleep out on the trampoline.  The kids had so much fun, they really wore themselves out!  They even had a nice firework show in the background to use as their night light.  I had the worst luck trying to get a good picture of the fireworks in the background though.  It was rather ridiculous, so these pictures are the best ones with the luck I was having haha.

stitches are out!!!

Kayla's stitches are finally out.  It is a fine line with stitches. You can't leave them in for too long, but you can't take them out too soon either.  McKayla Bayla is a fast healer like her Daddy and so we were in and out!  She was a bit nervous, but came out with a smile and a sigh of relief.  Now she keeps asking when we can go swimming haha!

She wouldn't smile for me here because I told her that I wasn't going to get her a toy for getting her stitches out.  I am such a mean Mommy right!? {she did get a sucker and a token to get a prize at the doctors office though}

lunch with jace and an impromptu sleepover

The other day we met up with Uncle Jace at the Fashion Place Mall to have some lunch at CPK. {so yummy as always!}  We haven't been able to see Jace, Andrew, and Jake as much as we would like but we will take any amount of time that we can get! {growing up really stinks sometimes!} Kayla told Jace all about the different books we have been reading.  She takes after her Mommy and can't just read one book at a time.  She is so cute to listen to.  Teyton was just being his crazy self {disturbing the poor people who were sitting behind us *so sorry people I don't know!*} and rolling around on the floor.  We had a fun time, but just wish that we had more time with him.  The kids really want to go to see his work but Uncle Jace doesn't have the same work environment as The Cow. {it is Jake work name...not a person, that would be a sad nick-name lol}  It took me awhile to for that concept to sink in with the kids.  Finally, I likened it to how Daddy has special clearance to go to certain places on Post that we can't see, and Uncle Jace's work is the same.

After lunch we made our way over to Layton.  I took the kids on a mini tour around  mine and Corey's favorite places, and our first apartment together.  We had some good laughs and made a pit stop at Pace's so that they could experience the real Pace Bar.  They both picked "tigers blood" flavor convinced that they would turn into tiger cubs after eating them. {if you've seen Brave then you know why haha}

After the kiddos were good and messy with red popsicle faces we went over to Grandma and Grandpa Abbott's!  We had to cut our last trip short.  Teyton was so sad to leave.  He really wanted to play, but Kayla didn't want to be around or near anyone.  So I promise Teyton that we would come back again so he could get in all the playing he wanted.  I should just always have an overnight bag packed in my van while I am vacationing in Utah.  The kids could agree on what to do with Grandma and Grandpa so I told them that we could spend the night so they could both have their ways.  We had a really good time. We watched "Chicken Run" and ate chicken like Teyton wanted.  And we went to the theater to see Ice Age and had yummy popcorn like Kayla wanted.  It was a win win for everyone!  I came to the sad conclusion that I am really getting old. You know it has happened when you fall asleep during a the theater! Haha, yep, I missed the entire middle portion of the movie!  Oh well, at least I wasn't the only adult supervision at the theater...

Friday, July 27, 2012


I am so happy that we were able to have some sort of fireworks this year!  It has been way too long since we have seen a firework show or done fireworks at home. {it has been 2 years!!!}  Lucky for us, in Utah there is a 2nd firework worthy holiday and we just happened to be in town.  I was kind of worried how Violet would handle the fireworks.  Buddy {our 1st dog} is scared poopless of fireworks and will find ANYTHING to hide under, poor Buddy.  But, Violet LOVED them!  It was a tiny bit scary though.  She managed to wriggle out of her collar and went running straight for the fireworks...that were being lit...and they were the huge ones that shoot up in the sky.  I was stressing it for a moment there.  But we got her tied up Violet escape proof.   For a good part of the show, we were all very entertained by Violet jumping up in the air trying to catch the fireworks shooting off while barking playfully.  {her playful bark seriously sound like a turkey being strangled haha}  I ended up putting her away because she kept getting her leg wrapped around the leash, and while she was having fun, I didn't want her to break a leg.

The kids hada blast!  {well Kayla had fun during the fountain fireworks, she HATED the big finale fireworks}  Kayla, Teyton, and Adi helped Chris light the fountains off.  Teyton was terrifying!!!  He is SUCH a boy!  I swear, he would light it and then take a small step backwards and stand there like that was enough space between him and the danger of shooting sparks haha.  Not only did Teyton help set off all the fireworks, he grabbed a broom and helped Uncle Chris clean everything up!  it was such a fun day.  We were all completely worn out though.  I think we all ended up finally calling it a night around midnight.  


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