Friday, August 31, 2012


Mrs. Jacelon {McKayla's teacher}  gave me a call the other day to see if I could come and help her out with some class room things.  I am so glad that she did!  While I have PLENTY of things to keep me busy all day long, being by myself so much has made me feel very secluded haha.  But I can't bring myself to get a part time job because I feel that I need to be at home at this time in my life.  And I can't do hair out of the home without some proper equipment or else I will hurt my back again.  Cutting, coloring, styling, and waxing would be the ideal thing for me to do. {which is one of the reasons I chose that profession in the first place} And I had planned on building up a clientele here like I had in Hawaii.  Oh well, it is what it is.  And what will be, will be.  Anyway, back to the volunteering.  I had SO much fun helping out in Mrs. Jacelon's class.  I help her out with centers and checking work/ helping the kids out when needed. {I have to give that woman props! There is one particular child that after half of the day I wanted to pull my hair out! haha I tell ya, there is a special place in Heaven for Elementary School Teachers!} Then I helped her print out and file a bunch of beginning of the year paperwork for the parents to fill out.  And after that was done, I helped prep a couple of her bigger art lesson plans!

I took a break to have lunch with Teyton and play with him outside a t recess.  And I went to his classroom for about 30 mins or so to help some of the kids that are struggling with the Alphabet.  I am hoping to make this a regular thing.  I told McKayla that when I am Volunteering in Tetyon's classroom then I will have lunch with her, and vice versa. 

Teyton is scowling here because I told him that it was time for me to go home. {I wanted to finish my chores before the kiddos got home from school} At least he isn't scowling because I am there!

Monday, August 27, 2012


Why is it that August always seems to be the most uneventful month every year, as far as holidays, birthdays, or other fun events {for our family at least}.  Other than school starting, nothing has really happened.  We've been sick or hurt a lot, and everything in my house that I thought was a-ok has needed to be fixed. But those things are hardly fun.

Today was an open house for the kids school. It was nice to be able to talk to the kids teachers again. I really like both of them.  I am going to be trying to volunteer in their classes about once a week.  I would be doing more, but I don't want to make my kids sick of me haha.  I actually planned on volunteering in Teyton's class the first day of school. But it wasn't meant to be.  My back was especially hurting that day {must've been a sign telling me that I have to let go of the kids sooner or later haha}.

Like I said, things have been pretty mellow around here. But, even though there really hasn't been a whole lot of planned events/activities to do, we have managed to make our own fun this month.  Here are some random photos of our playtime fun.

This is how we play with Violet, and when she isn't in a mood to play, the kids resort to pretending that they are dogs haha.

And then there is our fun at the neighborhood playground.  Although, we have been having rotten luck with the weather and our timing on going out...hmm, maybe I should start checking forecasts instead of just looking at the sky haha. 

Making silly faces for the camera is by far one of our favorite pass times!

Kayla doing what she does best!

Teyton being Teyton haha

Sunday, August 26, 2012

poor babies!

My kids have been so sick this weekend!  I was hoping to go out and have a fun filled Saturday, but we traded that idea in for a quiet and relaxing couple of days at home.  Friday morning Kayla was complaining of a sore throat, but she didn't have any other symptoms so I sent her off to school like usual.  That night Teyton woke up just hacking away the poor little man. I just happened to be talking to Corey on Skype.  So Corey, the wonderful Father that he is, sat on the other side of the iPad and watched Treasure Planet with Lil' Man, and listened to him narrate basically the entire movie. {while we pleaded with him to stop talking, it sounded like it hurt so bad!}

Saturday we all woke up with fevers {yay}, so we just sat around like a bunch of pajamie bums watching movies, and took turns on my photo booth app taking silly pictures.  By Sunday I was fever free, but the poor kiddos were still feeling a bit icky.  So we bummed it again.  Aside from feeling like crap, it was nice to be able to nuggle up with my babies and enjoy their company, and sing some lullaby's to get them to nap.  I am one lucky Mommy! {I didn't take any pic of Kayla on Sat because she refused to put on clothes.  The poor girl was burning up!}

Monday, August 20, 2012

first day{s} of school!

McKayla started her first day of 2nd grade on Thursday Aug 16th!  She was so excited, mostly for all the new stuff she has been dying to get her hands on! New shoes, socks, shirts, pants/shorts, backpack, lunchbox, heck she was even excited for her new panties!  She had a wonderful first day at school and opted to ride the school bus instead of me taking her to school {tear}.  She is getting so grown up!  Thankfully the day before, we did the whole meet the teacher and turned in all the supplies.  So I was confident that she would be able to go where she needed to go.  I can't believe this is her first year going to the same school! {she went to like the last 2 weeks of Kindergarten here so I don't count that}  She is only in the second grade and the girl has been to 3 different schools.  Gotta love the life of a Military child!

Teyton was SO mad that he didn't get to start school the same day as McKayla.  I kept telling him that he gets to have his first day on Monday.  That was not a good enough response for him.  I swear he honestly thought that if he said this loud enough and angrily enough he could will it  to happen, "IT IS MONDAY MOMMY!"
Teyton's first day did come, which resulted in tears shed by me and Teyton.  {me because he is my baby, Teyton becasue I told him that I was going to drive him to his first day of school haha}  Teyton was SO mad at me!  I finally gave in after calling the school and pinning a note to his backpack.  I was so afraid that he would get lost or something. {poor boy has my sense of direction haha hopefully he will grow out of it} Thankfully he had such a helpful sister who was more than willing to stay by his side and teach him the rules of school and riding the bus.  I think she took a lot of pleasure in the fact that I was actually letting her be in charge of him until he gets use to the whole Kindergarten, riding the bus thing.  

{you probably thought I was kidding about the whole note thing....NOPE!  Made sure it was a bright color too haha.  I am such a worry wart of a Mother!}

Sunday, August 19, 2012

fun times with grandma bastian

The kids adore their Grandma Bastian.  It was so much fun to have her here with us.  We had fun playing Dr, going to the splash park, and building fairy houses.  It was so hard to see her go.  Teyton was a mess the rest of that day.  He misses Grandma Bastian so much!  I'm sure his bawling didn't make it any easier on her to leave.  You are the best Mom!

birthday time!

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