Sunday, September 30, 2012

september 17

I can not believe that my baby boy is 5!!!   I told him that he needed to stop growing up so that he could stay my little boy forever.  His reply was, "Okay Mommy,  but....I just really don't know how to stop growing."  I could see his little wheels churning around trying to figure out how to accomplish this task that I gave him haha.  He is my problem solver!  So I then told him that he can keep getting bigger if he promises to let me love, hug, and tease him for the rest of his life.
                        {Daddy Called to wish him a happy birthday and see him open up his presents}
He has been in Kindergarten for a few weeks now and is loving it!  I do have to say, that I appreciate the days that he is less than willing to go to school. {even if it is a pain at the time}  It is nice to know that he enjoys my company.  He is such a good friend.  Whenever I go volunteer in his class the kids always let me know all the nice things Teyton had done for them that day. Makes me one proud Mommy! He LOVES puzzles!  Which is why I got him a Lego set...but I talk about that more latter.  If you ask him what he wants to be when he grows up, 98% of the time this will be his response, "I want to be a Daddy, and then my Mommy and Daddy will be a Grandma and Grandpa.  And my Grandmas and Grandpas will go to the hospital and die, and then go into heaven."  Oi!  That kid cracks me up!  His favorite things to do are, riding bikes, playing with cars, trains, and power rangers.  He also LOVES to do puzzles. {seriously, he will not stop until we have completed EVERY puzzle in our house}

For his Birthday we did whatever he wanted to do at the time.  So first thing he asked for was cupcakes for breakfast, {okay, so I didn't do everything he wanted} I talked him in to koolaid flavored pancakes {I just substitute water for koolaid in the pancake mix}.  After breakfast we talked to Daddy, and opened up his presents.  He got the red, blue, and gold Power Ranger, and a couple of Power Ranger books.  His last present was a Lego set to make a Megazord.....worst. decision. ever!  The box said ages 5+, um yeah...I don't know what he developers were thinking when they put that on the package.  More like 5+ hrs of adult labor in building this!   He did love it by the time I had finished {yes it really did take me that long to build the stinking thing!}  Until he is a little bit older, I am going to steer away from the Lego sets, and just get him a variety of building blocks so he can make his own creations. 

In between building we took a lunch break and had quesadillas, carrots, sparkling cider, and cupcakes! {he really couldn't wait until dinner to have them haha} After I had finally finished this monster of a project, I lwet the kids play with the toys as long as they wanted.  It was so funny to watch Kayla play with them.  Teyton is "morphing" and doing all of these Power Ranger moves and catch phrases.  Kayla on the other hand, was paring up her girl and boy Power Ranger and they were apparently getting ready to go to a ball.  

We ended our day with a trip to the park, and he wanted McDonalds for Dinner again.  We stopped by WalMart to pick out some movies from the $5 bin.  There are no movies out right now, {that I am willing to pay to see} but they loved the idea, and they got to pick out some candy too.  They decided on "Night at the Museum", and "Cats & Dogs".


I know I've said this before, but I love my Activity Day girls!  They are just so much fun to interact with.  This time our lesson was on tithing, so I made them "earn" some money so that we could figure out how much tithing they would have to pay.  The day before I slaved over meticulously setting coins inside of layers of jello, just to have them rip into it with chop sticks. {just kidding, it was super easy to do!}  So the name of the game was, two girls at a time had one minute to try and fish out as many coins as they could using ONLY chopsticks. After a few rotations through all of the girls, I let them each take on last big handful out of the jello pan.  We washed ourselves up, and the coins, and then they counted up their change.  I was able to sit down with them and talk about the importance of tithing and what it is used for, and how to figure out how much tithing you need to pay.  After the activity was over I told the girls that they get to keep the coins that they earned, and challenged them to pay tithing on it.  I thought that would be a better approach than to say "You have to pay tithing on that." and gather it up right then and there.  An important part of learning and growing is making choices for ourselves.

birthday sleepover

I really wanted to throw Teyton a 5th b-day party with bunch of his friends like I did for Kayla..... And then I thought back on Kayla's 5th and realized all of the disasters and stress that happened that day haha.  Corey just happened to be deployed then too.  So I decided to put that idea on hold for his 6th birthday and let him invite one friend over for a sleepover.  We had such a fun time!  First the kids decorated their treat bags so they would be dry in the morning to fill up with some party favors.  We then took off to eat and play at McDonald's  and by the time they played their meal off, we shot on over to Yo Yogurt for ice cream!  We decided that the best cure for a sugar hangover was to watch Power Rangers while playing Power Rangers of course!  The kids wore themselves out!  I seriously haven't had such a good nights rest in a LONG time!

olympia, wa

Before we traveled back to Utah, we decided to use our last day to explore the town we were staying in.  We started off at the Capital.  I am so surprised we {my kids and I} didn't get kicked out of the place.  This video will show you why.  In my defense, I saw him do it in the middle of the slide.  And it was so funny/shocking that I had to capture it for Corey haha.  I know, I know, BAD example! {but oh so fun memories}


After that we went to have some lunch at the pier.  It was a cute and yummy place called Tugboat Annies.  Kayla had mac and cheese {surprise surprise}, Teyton wouldn't settle for anything less that fish and chips, and me and my Mom split a yummy crab sandwich and had a cup of clam chowder...yum-o!

We went back to the house and grabbed their swim suits.  We saw a fun little splash pad that they were dying to play in.  So we took shifts, watching the kids, while the other group of adults explored the fun little shops in town.  Then our day ended with ice cream.  I was so exhausted by the end of that day.  I had been running around the whole vacation having tons of fun with the kids and everyone else. I think my body just turned off on me due to lack of sleep though I completely zonked out.

birthday time!

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