Wednesday, October 31, 2012

halloween night!

These past couple years, Halloween just hasn't been the same without Corey around.  Last year I didn't even break out the decorations.  That was far too depressing for me!  So, this year I made more of an effort to dress up our home and yard as if Corey were home.  It still just wasn't right though, for multiple reasons.  Mostly, the obvious, Corey is gone and it is his all time favorite holiday.  And the other big one was that it fell on a Wednesday!  Heck, any weekday is a horrible day for Halloween.  I say we should all protest to the person in charge of all things holiday, and have Halloween moved to the last Friday of the month!  That'll work right!? My kiddos were still stinking cute in costume though!  And they made the most of their early and short trick-or-treating.  We had to have enough time to bathe and get enough sleep since it was a school night!  They actually made out with quite a haul though!  We only had one melt down near the end.  Teyton wouldn't listen to me and kept swinging around his candy bag and put a hole in it!  Oh well, hopefully this will help him learn to listen to me more.

They wanted "brains with cut up fingers" for dinner............aka ramen with carrots haha.. They are so weird! also as you can see, McKayla and Teyton decided to draw some thick eyebrows on their faces.  I actually had to wash some of Teyton's off.  He went just a little bit overboard!

school halloween party

I loved volunteering for Kayla and Teyton's class Halloween parties!  The kids had SO MUCH FUN!  and I had a ton of fun watching and helping along with the activities.  I even got to take the lead and teach Kayla's class how to make spiders out of suckers. Teyton was dead set on wearing his Power Ranger gloves and mask the entire day!  He had to give in and take them off during their pizza party lunch.  I think he ended up wishing that I wasn't there for luck because I made him eat his vegetables even though "....the other kids didn't eat all of theirs!" {I am such a mean Mom} Also, I just realized that I forgot to take a picture of Kayla with her teacher in costume!!!

The only thing that I didn't think about was the shoes I wore.  I dressed up as a black cat.  I was the ONLY parent that dressed up too!  What the heck!  I told one of the Mom's that Halloween is the only day you can look and act a fool without judgement haha.  After lunch two of the Mom's that I volunteered with came back in their Halloween attire! Whoa,  I went off track for a bit there.  Anyway, back to my shoes.  I wore high heels {stupid right}.  I was going to wear my black tennis shoes but stinking Violet chewed one of them up!  I should've just worn some flats {even though they wouldn't have matched}  My feet were done by the end of school!

Monday, October 29, 2012

girl scouts halloween party

Kayla had a ton of fun with her Girl Scout group.  Honestly she was excited for any excuse to get dressed up in her costume haha.  She was a bit disappointed because we didn't have time to put her fun makeup on.   We had some issues trying to get her to clean her room (which I had been asking her to do all weekend long) and finish her homework.  But we made it and I am so glad that we did.  They got to visit, talk about and celebrate Juliette Gordon Low's (the founder of Girl Scouts)  Birthday.  They even got to play a live version of Candy Land.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

ward halloween party

The kids had so much fun at the Halloween party last night.  Our Ward had so many fun little game for the kids to play. And there were trick-or-treat stations set up around the rooms in the building.  I'm sure that someone told me that families could sign up to decorate a room, but, I have a horrible memory {see previous post}  There is always next year though!  McKayla and Teyton also had their first taste of homemade root beer.  Kayla had a hard time wrapping her brain around how a type of ice could burn the skin.  She really wanted to touch it and have a piece in her cup.  All and all it was  a successful Halloween party experience.

Kayla dressed up as Frankie Stein from "Monster High" and Teyton was the Red Power Ranger.  I wanted to just go easy this year so I went with a black cat.  Kayla was rather disappointed and thought that my costume was very boring haha. I figured, it took me an hour to get her all put together. Why would I want to take another hour to get myself ready with an elaborate costume.  {If we were doing our Annual Halloween Bash I would be all over that though}

I almost forgot!  I got pictures of all {well the ones that were able to come} of my Activity Day girls in their awesome costumes! I love these girls!!!

birthday time!

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