Monday, December 31, 2012

new years eve

The kids and I had a fun filled day playing games and eating yummy sweets on New Years Eve.  Every hour we had a new activity planned out to aid us in staying up.  We tried our hardest to stay awake to midnight, but we just couldn't make it!  I think we make it to 10 tops haha.  Teyton was out by 8:30 though.

{this was about 5:30 and he was already ready to go to bed haha}

Saturday, December 29, 2012

kayla's 8th birthday

McKayla had an option to do a small sleep over  with 2 friends, or we could have family party.  She could not narrow it down to 2 friends, so we ended up having a family party.  I actually love having family parties.  They are much more fun, and a lot less stress!  The rule on the kids Birthday is they get to choose what they want to eat and do on their special day {with in reason!}  Oh my goodness!  You should've seen McKayla's  itnerary!  That girl has no concept of time or money haha.  We did have fun though.  We started the day opening presents after Daddy called on Skype.  She got a Discovery Kids game, a Hello Kitty necklace and earring set, and an iPod Shuffle!  {not a real one, it is a total knock off MP3 player for like $10, but it looks exactly the same and works really well haha}.

After presents we went and had IHOP for breakfast in our jammies.  Then we came home and got ready and played with the toys for a bit.  Then we headed out to the theater.  Kayla decided that she wanted to see Rise of the Guardians.  I have to say that I loved that movie!  The kids really seemed to also.  Lots of giggling throughout the movie.  The best sound in this entire world is the sound of laughing children!  I cannot get enough of that sound.  After the movie was over we ran home to regroup.  When we walked through the door Teyton said, "oh, my tummy doesn't feel so good."  I layed  him down on the couch and he hurled everywhere!  The poor guy.  I ran him to the toilet and Kayla asks me, "So does this mean that we can't have Chinese for dinner?"  So needless to say our birthday celebrations came to a grinding halt   She was such a trooper, we had fun playing some games and nuggling the rest of the day.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


We had an exciting Christmas morning.  Corey was able to call and watch the kids open up their presents.  I am so glad that he got to join in on the present fun.  It took them awhile to notice the fun gift Santa had left them though.  He hid it behind the couch so they wouldn't see it right away if they tried to sneak a peek from the top of the stairs.  They were so excited when they saw their two guinea pigs.

After they got all of their guinea pig lovin out of their systems, they went for the rest of the gift.  Corey had them each take a present and sit down in front of the ipad and race to open up their present.  They had a lot of fun with tat.  They are both extremely competitive.  I can pretty much get them to do anything if I tell them that it is a a race haha. 

Violet loved her presents too.

Here is what Corey spoiled me with!

Monday, December 24, 2012

christmas eve

We had a good time celebrating Christmas Eve.  We talked to Grandmas and Grandpas, read stories, watched some Christmas movies, and kept a close watch on NORAD to see where Santa was at.  Every now and then we'd take a break and turned up some Christmas music to jammed out while making and decorating sugar cookies for Santa.  We also have a tradition of opening up our Christmas Eve presents.  Usually they are pajamies, but this year the kids were begging for robes and slippers.  We also opened up a new game to play, Monopoly!  The kids loved it.  I don't know if Teyton really knew what the point of the game was, but he was happy.  Every time his little dog make it around the board and would shout out, "Yeah baby!  I'm winning!".  We ended our evening telling the Nativity Story, and made some magic reindeer food  and sprinkled it outside so they would have something to much on while Santa was inside leaving his gifts.

birthday time!

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