Tuesday, May 28, 2013

naughty kids and dogs!

Corey and I were downstairs trying to knock out all of the laundry and pack for our upcoming trip to Utah and Disneyland.  The kids were upstairs playing, laughing and seemingly being their normal crazy selves together.....then it got quiet.  Like, something really bad happened, quiet.  Sure enough, we hear little foot steps coming down the stairs and the kids said to us very timidly, "Moose ate the couch...."  Not the words that parents want to hear.  We went upstairs to check out the damage.  Oi vey!  I swear these kids!!!  They said that they were having the dogs chase after a laser light and I guess held it in one spot on the couch 2 seconds too long and Moose was GOING to get that little red light.  He is such a dummy!  I will have to say, even though I was extremely ticked off because we can't afford a new couch at the time, and these just keep getting more and more torn up as the years go by, both of the kiddos stepped up and told the truth right away instead of waiting for us to find it on our own.  So they got lectured and had to do some extra chores, which they did without complaint.  I have to keep telling myself that it could have been a lot worse, at least the position of the rip can be hidden by rearranging the furniture.


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

kinder graduation and renaissance assembley

Even though we decided to have Teyton repeat Kindergarten, we still wanted him to participate in the Kindergarten graduation!  He has made amazing strides this year and has a lot to be proud of and celebrate!  I know now that next year, we have to get to the school super duper early to get a good seat.  We were clear back in the nose bleeds, and man was that room HOT!  Teyton was super cute with all of the songs that they had practiced.  During the slide show of all the Kinders telling us what they wanted to be when they grow up, Teyton announced that he wants to be a Fireman!  That didn't surprise me at all, is such a sweet and selfless little boy, and that job is definitely a selfless job!  I sure do love my little man!  He makes me so proud!

I always love the last renaissance assembly of the year.  It is held outdoors, so with all of the kids and parents that come, it isn't so stuffy as everyone cramming into the gym.  Not to mention the beautiful sunshine we get beaming down over all of those proud kids getting ready to celebrate all of the progress they made during the year.  I love seeing the looks on Kayla and Teyton's face during all of the relays races between giving out certificates of achievement.

activity days ~ taco salad

This activity was to help the girls come up with, and learning some basic cooking skills to prepare a nutritious meal.  The girls decided on taco salad {well the majority of them did}.  It was a good experience, I think we all had a great time and learned something new.  I think that I will be much more prepared for the next time we attempt another cooking activity though, haha.  We had some bumps along the way, but nothing we all couldn't handle!   All of my girls are always so eager to learn new things and help out!  Hopefully, they will be able to help their Mom's and Dad's with meal time now!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

riding bikes and funny faces

Corey and I decided that Kayla had been procrastinating in learning to riding her bike without training wheels for far too long.  So we gave her an option, she could learn to ride a big girl bike, or we would give her bike away to someone else.  I know, we are wonderful parents aren't we haha.  But, it worked!  She was up and riding her bike in no time at all.  She just needed a little push so she could see what she is really capable of doing on her own.  After the kids were too tired to ride on their bikes anymore, we took a much needed break and took pictures of ourselves making funny faces.

Friday, May 17, 2013

field trip: a walk to the park

Both McKayla's and Teyton's class had a fun field trip at the end of the school year.  There is a park that is really close by to their school, so we walked from the school to the park.  The kids all had a fun time playing and exploring the nature around them.  You could tell the difference between the Kindergarten class and the 2nd graders for sure.  The Kindergarteners would write every little thing that they saw in their nature journal, while the 2nd graders seemed less than amused with trying to fill their journals up all of the way haha.  They all had a good time though, and by the end of the day they were pooped!  I was surprise that Kayla made it back to the school haha.  She was trying to get me to carry her, that was not going to happen!


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

field day

I love being able to volunteer at my kids school during these fun events!  I had to do a lot of bouncing back and forth to watch each of the kids during their events {of course they were on opposite ends of the school during the same time haha}.  But it was worth it!  I love hearing them laugh and seeing them smiling and having such a wonderful time playing silly games with their friends and schoolmates.  I feel so blessed that Corey and I are in a position that enables me to be an at home Mom.  We aren't rolling in luxury by any means.  But we have what we need, and I am able to give our kids all of my time so I am able to see them grow up and not miss out on all of these wonderful times.  My kids are growing up way to fast for my taste as it is.  I can only imagine the time going by faster and faster as the years go by.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

indoor soccer and a sleepover

Corey has been having so much fun with the kids.  He decided that it would be fun for Teyton to practice soccer in the basement.  I was not so keen on the idea, mostly because of the things I could see breaking.  I told Corey if they broke the TV we weren't going to get a new one.  He and the kids agreed to my stipulation and they had a ton of fun.  I am happy to say that nothing was broken in the process of their fun either.  Later that day We had Monique over for a sleepover and Corey again decided that it would be fin for them if we set up the tent.  This time he set it up in the front room.  The kids had such a good time.  I am so blessed to have a husband who is willing to have fun with the kids even if it means he will have to clean up a big mess afterwards haha.

birthday time!

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