Saturday, June 29, 2013

scavenger hunt

The kids were having one of those Saturday's where all of their friends were either grounded, or out and about with their families.  No matter what I did with them, they just kept getting more and more bored, and kept getting into more and more trouble.  I had so much housework to catch up on, so I had a moment of crazy.  I made a list of things that the kids could find outside in the neighborhood, gave them my phone to take some pictures, and sent them out on a scavenger hunt.  They had so much fun!  After collecting all of the items on the list they sat down on the driveway and made beautiful pieces of art.  I loved seeing the creativity they used in making the art, and the wonderful pictures they took so I could see.

Friday, June 28, 2013

softball and tball

For some reason this softball and t-ball season I was not very good at remembering to bring my camera to practices and games!  I blame it on my pregnancy brain, and feeling sick all day long.  But, I still did get some pictures!  I love how much Kayla and Teyton love this sport.  I actually was just planning on signing up Teyton.  I didn't really think that McKayla enjoyed playing softball.  But when she heard me talking to Teyton about it, her eyes lit up and she got so excited!  How could I not sign her up if she really loved it that much!?  They both did really wonderful this year.  I think that Corey really loved that he was home to be able to assist their coaches during games and practices.  I think that that made a huge difference with how well McKayla and Teyton did too!  I need to study up on sports so I can help them more when Corey is gone with work things.  You'd think I'd know more having 5 brothers, but I never really cared that much to be honest haha.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

we made it to orem and then layton!

I am not going to lie, I was terrible at taking pictures this trip to Utah.   I guess because I went so Camera crazy at Disneyland, I put down my camera and forgot about it.  I did get a few though!  We were only able to spend like 1 1/2 days with each of our families.  We decided to do Fathers Day in Orem because Mom was gone on a fun internship in Nauvoo, and I didn't want Dad to spend the day alone in an empty house!  I mean, I know that my brothers would come and visit for dinner and what not.  But there is just something more depressing {at least to me} about waking up, or coming home to an empty house on a special day.  So the kids, Sadie, and I got to work in the morning making a yummy breakfast for Dad, Corey, and Chris.  After Breakfast the kids gave Grandpa the special card they picked out and then we went down to our rooms to show Corey the cards and present we picked out for him!

While we were in Layton we spent the day at Grandma and Grandpa's cabin property to explore and see all the new things that has changed since we were there last.  It was Corey's first time seeing it though, since last time we went to Utah he was deployed.  After some exploring and hiking, Corey the kids, Aunts, Uncles, and Grandparents had fun 4-wheeling around.  I opted out just because of the new pregnancy, and I was worried that I would get too nauseous riding around.  Before the day ended, and everyone took off to go home, we were able to get some nice family photos taken.  All in all, it was a very nice vacation!

Friday, June 14, 2013

a break at uncle brian, and aunt jill's new house

After almost reaching the end of our long trip back to Utah from California, the kids {and the parents} couldn't take another minute in the van!  We called and asked Brian and Jill if we could crash at their place.  They said yes!  Not that we thought that they wouldn't let us stay haha.  The kids were so happy to get out of the car!  We really only had another 40 or so minutes to go, but at that point 40 minutes really would have been a life time.  I don't know if any of us would have survived!  We got a tour of their new home that they have been working on making their own, and then the kids played some games on the Xbox to get the rest of their energy out of their systems.  We all slept like rocks that night!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

disneyland 2013!

Corey and I have been so excited to take the kids to Disneyland after his deployment!  We have kind of made it a tradition to do that for the kids.  I just hope that Disneyland keeps doing their amazing Deployment promotion for Military members.  It sure makes it a lot easier on our pocket books!  Corey gets so excited about fun surprises, that he has the hardest time keeping secrets from the kids.  He let the word "Disneyland" slip more than once in front of them.  So when we got the video camera out to record their expressions McKayla exclaimed, "I knew it!  I knew we were going to Disneyland!  Your were acting squirrely!"  Haha, it was so cute, and of course Teyton had to join in saying he knew too.

I have to admit, I was a little bummed that when we got there, I knew that I wouldn't be able to go on a lot of the rides.  We found out that I am pregnant with another little miracle!  But I will talk more about that later.  I am just happy that it is just and fun and magical to watch McKayla and Teyton light up as they pull their Daddy from ride to ride.  I figure this way I will get a lot more fun pictures of them enjoying all of the rides, and I can see the excitement in their faces with each new ride and area of the park we explored.

The first ride that Corey had to share with the kids because they were both old enough for it, was the Tower of Terror.  Corey loved it of course, but the kids were very unamused.  Kayla and Teyton talked  about how much they hated it the rest of our trip.  It kind of worked to our benefit though.  Every time they would act up we would say, "Do you want us to take you back to the tower of Terror!?"  hahaha, another example of amazing parenting ;) ....but it worked! We were able to spend three magical days at Disneyland and hit every ride that Kayla and Teyton wanted to go on.  Kayla really surprised me and has turned out to be a lover of Roller Coasters!  Poor Teyton wasn't quite tall enough to ride with Corey and Kayla, missed it by an inch!  So while they had their fun, we rode some other fun rides that Teyton hd wanted to go on again, but was too boring for McKayla.  We saw some fun shows, although the kids decided that seeing the fireworks from our hotel room was much better than fighting the crowds to see them at Disney.  By the end of our trip, we had our fill. Not too long, and not to short.  I am one lucky Mommy and Wife!

birthday time!

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