Sunday, December 8, 2013

in and out and back in again

We arrived home from Utah on the 2nd of Dec,  On the 4th I went to one of my OB's to get measurements of the Ryker via ultrasound.   Everything was looking really good on the inside and we were getting ready to leave.  I had a feeling to ask my Dr if she could check my blood pressure.  It was a really good number at my appointment the week before, but I just had a nagging feeling.  Well, it was bad, really bad.  My Doctor said, well, it looks like you won't be going home today.  I was checked into a room at Memorial Hospital and was put on a 24-48 hour watch to see if they could get my blood pressure under control, and keep an eye on my other vitals, and Rykers vitals as well.  Thank goodness another feeling I had before going to my appointment was to put and keep my overnight bag in the van until we have the baby.

The evening of the 6th everything seemed to be staying at a reasonable level, so I was discharged with strict instructions to be on bed rest.  I was so excited to go home to be with my family!  We hadn't been able to put up the Christmas tree, or an other Christmas decorations for that matter.  I knew that if I had to stay in the hospital for bed rest. Corey and the kids would have taken care of it for me. But, that just isn't the same as being there and watching the kids giggle, and see faces light up as they pull out and set up all of the decorations.  As much as I wanted to, I did not get up and help set things up. I just sat on the recliner and took pictures of my sweet family.  The morning of the 7th, before any of the decorations were put up I was feeling pretty crummy.  I had a blood pressure monitor at home, but I didn't want to take it until the tree was set up.  I know that that sounds so stupid, but it is who I am.  I am stubborn!  After everything was set up, I took my blood pressure, it was bad, not quite as bad as before, but it was still in the range that my doctor had told me to come back to the hospital.  This time I knew that I would have to stay until Ryker was born.  so we made all of the necessary arrangements for the kids, and took off once more to the hospital.

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