Thursday, December 12, 2013

jaundice and a gingerbread house

Today I went into the NICU to find Ryker sunbathing his day away.  His bilirubin levels were too high, so his Doctor decided to start him on UV treatments.  Ryker is just so tiny!  Right now he is on the tiniest CPAP machine I have ever seen!  He is also getting his feedings through a tube.  The first time I pumped I was able to get so much colostrum!  I was thrilled!  That had never happened before, usually it is a real struggle to get my milk to come in and have a good supply.  I am so happy that even though  Ryker is too small, and too young to breast feed, he is still able to get my milk.  We weren't able to hold him at all though.  He needs to stay under that UV light as much as he can so that his bilirubin levels will go back down.  Kayla and Teyton came to visit me again at the hospital.  I just love their visits!  When I left the NICU, the front desk was giving out gingerbread houses for siblings and families of the babies that were staying in the NICU.  I am so excited I have something to give to McKayla and Teyton to cheer them up and keep them a little busy at home.  It just kills me that I have had to be away from them for so long, yet so close.

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